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struggle with drug-resistant flu

Posted by pandemicinformation on 03/24/2009

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Docs struggle with drug-resistant flu

Type A H1N1 is resistant to Tamiflu, the anti-viral that until now been the first choice for treating both seasonal flu and bird flu, USA Today reported …
March 24, 2009
United Press International


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Pandemic Influenza Information Mar 3, 2009

Posted by pandemicinformation on 03/03/2009

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・Indonesia’s bird flu death toll climbs to 119 
Experts fear that the virus might mutate into a form easily passed from human to human, sparking a pandemic which could kill millions. …

keyword:     "pandemic"        Mar 2, 2009 16:01  (Reuters)

・Resistencia a fármaco contra gripe se expande en EEUU: estudio    
La medicina también es considerada un arma clave contra una posible pandemia de un nuevo tipo de gripe y este estudio sugiere que el virus puede evadir …

Drug resistance against flu spreads in U.S.: study
The medicine is also considered a key weapon against a possible pandemic of a new type of flu and this study suggests that the virus can evade …;mode=browse&amp;fromhome=y

keyword:     "pandemia"        Mar 2, 2009 19:31  (Buena Salud)

・Sur la voie d’un vaccin universel contre la grippe    
… contre la grippe plus universel, capable de neutraliser de multiples souches du virus et d’atténuer l’impact d’une nouvelle pandémie due à ce virus. …

On the way to a universal vaccine against influenza
… against the flu more universal, able to neutralize multiple strains of the virus and mitigate the impact of a pandemic caused by this virus. …;news=6356

keyword:     "pandémie"        Mar 2, 2009 18:32  (

・Le virus de la grippe deviendrait résistant au Tamiflu    
Le Tamiflu est aussi considéré comme une arme majeure contre une pandémie potentielle d’un nouveau type de grippe. La saison dernière, seuls 19% des virus …

The flu virus would become resistant to Tamiflu
Tamiflu is also considered a major weapon against a potential pandemic of a new type of flu. Last season, only 19% of virus …

keyword:     "pandémie"        Mar 2, 2009 18:32  (

・Grippe aviaire: FAO et OMS appellent à la vigilance au Vietnam    
Si cela se produit, nous pourrions voir le début d’une nouvelle pandémie de grippe. Dimanche, le Vietnam a annoncé son premier décès de l’année dû au H5N1 …

Avian flu: FAO and WHO call for vigilance in Vietnam
If this happens, we could see the beginning of a new influenza pandemic. Sunday, Vietnam announced its first death this year due to the H5N1 …;fid=newsmlmmd.16d85071cb942d885aebbd39ae4fb774.3e1.xml&amp;typeNews=medecine

keyword:     "pandémie"        Mar 2, 2009 18:32  (

・Australian research offers hope for birdflu vaccine    
It provides a much more broad protection against all strains of the flu, including pandemic flu, Dr Turner said. What we thought we could do is vaccinate …

keyword:     "pandemic"        Mar 2, 2009 15:41  (Adelaide Independent Weekly)

・H1N1 viruses gain Tamiflu resistance without losing fitness    
Thus, stockpiles to mitigate an influenza pandemic should not be limited oseltamivir. Oseltamivir is the leading antiviral drug in national stockpiles for …

keyword:     "pandemic"        Mar 2, 2009 10:13  (CIDRAP)

・Aust researchers closer to bird flu vaccine    
So it has two advantages; it can provide this pre-emptive immunity against any pandemic, but it would also help with current influenza, the seasonal …

keyword:     "pandemic"        Mar 2, 2009 09:42  (ABC Online)

・Human vaccine against bird flu a reality with new discovery    
The continued spread of the highly virulent bird flu virus has experts worried that we are facing a new potential influenza pandemic which could transfer …

keyword:     "pandemic"        Mar 2, 2009 07:40  (EurekAlert (press release))

・Resistance to flu drug widespread in US – study    
It is also considered a key weapon against a potential pandemic of a new type of influenza, and this study suggests the virus can rapidly evade its effects. …

keyword:     "pandemic"        Mar 2, 2009 07:40  (Reuters)

・Study: Flu Viruses Resistant to Tamiflu    
UNDATED – Tamiflu-resistant influenza A viruses are now spreading widely across the USA, imperiling a pillar of the global pandemic-response stockpile, …;catid=5

keyword:     "pandemic"        Mar 2, 2009 04:41  (

・The Flu Kills Healthy Kids, but Flu Shots Can Still Help    
… of a flexible approach to kid’s vaccines. On the science front, here’s a discovery that could revolutionize vaccines against seasonal flu and pandemic flu.

keyword:     "pandemic"        Mar 2, 2009 04:40  (U.S. News & World Report)

・In Adults, Shots Are Best for Flu    
Last week, two teams of scientists reported that they had found an antibody that attacks both seasonal flu virus and the H5N1 pandemic flu strains. …

keyword:     "pandemic"        Mar 2, 2009 03:40  (New York Times)

・Expertos combaten gripe aviaria H5N1 usando vacuna para viruela    
… fácil transmisión entre los seres humanos, lo que generaría una pandemia que podría causar la muerte de millones de personas y dañar la economía global. …

Experts fight H5N1 bird flu vaccine for smallpox using
… easy transmission between humans, leading to a pandemic that could kill millions of people and damage the global economy. …

keyword:     "pandemia"        Mar 2, 2009 03:31  (

・HK and US scientists develop new bird flu vaccine    
In a H5 pandemic situation, such vaccines may have to be deployed at short notice. The induction of good and rapid protective immune response after the …

keyword:     "pandemic"        Mar 2, 2009 02:40  (AFP)

・Exito de una vacuna para la gripe aviar en humanos    
De ser así, el virus, que ya ha acabado con 300 millones de aves, podría provocar una pandemia similar a la de la gripe de 1918, que mató a entre 50 y 100 …

Success of a vaccine for avian influenza in humans
If so, the virus that has already wiped out 300 million birds, could cause a pandemic similar to the 1918 flu that killed between 50 and 100 …

keyword:     "pandemia"        Mar 1, 2009 23:31  (Europa Press)

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