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Pandemic Influenza Information Feb 26, 2009

Posted by pandemicinformation on 02/26/2009

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<Today’s special>
・Le mécanisme d’infection du virus de la grippe dévoilé    
Compte tenu du risque de pandémie si des souches de grippe aviaire acquièrent la capacité d’altérer facilement les cellules humaines, le développement de …

The mechanism of infection of influenza virus unveiled
Considering the risk of pandemic if the avian flu strain acquired the ability to easily alter human cells, the development of …

keyword:     "pandémie"        Feb 25, 2009 00:30  (Intelink)

・ウイルス感染防ぐ抗体 A型インフルの一部に効果 米チーム発表    
ヒトの間での大流行(パンデミック)が懸念されるA型鳥インフルエンザのH5N1亜型や、1918年のスペイン風邪の原因となったH1N1亜型のウイルス感染を防ぐヒト抗体が特定された。米国のハーバード大や疾病対策センターなどの研究チームが23日、米科学誌 …

A virus antibodies to prevent its effect on the U.S. team some type INFURU
Pandemic among humans (pandemic) is the fear of bird flu type A and subtype H5N1, which caused the 1918 Spanish flu of the H1N1 human antibody specific subtype of the virus to prevent infection. A team of researchers at Harvard and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and 23, the U.S. magazine Science.

keyword:     "パンデミック"        Feb 25, 2009 09:36  (朝日新聞)

・Viral Pandemic H5N1 flu threat: Baxter contaminates European labs by error   
There are severe signs that the long expected pandemic avian influenza could be on its way to conquer the world – even without Baxter’s error driven help. … 24, 2009-5123&pc=s02

keyword:     "pandemic"        Feb 25, 2009 07:57  ( (Abonnement), Germany)

・Questions over vaccine safety    
… a cell-based influenza vaccine which would be capable of churning out 150 million flu shots within six months of Washington declaring a flu pandemic. …

keyword:     "pandemic"        Feb 25, 2009 07:43  (Independent, UK)

・WHO warns of bird flu vaccine shortage    
But a new WHO-backed study indicates that the quantity that’s available is still nowhere near the amount that would be needed to fight a global pandemic. … 24, 2009

keyword:     "pandemic"        Feb 25, 2009 05:32  (FierceVaccines, DC)

・Vogelgrippe hat Potenzial zur pandemie    
Die UN-Organisationen warnen: Die Gefahr durch Vogelgrippe sei nach wie vor nicht gebannt, das Potenzial zur pandemie sei weiter vorhanden. …

Vogelgrippe hat Potenzial zur pandemie
The UN agencies warn the danger of bird flu is still not banned, the potential pandemic should continue to exist. …

keyword:     "pandemie"        Feb 24, 2009 21:30  (Tirol Online)

・Anticorpo derrota vírus da gripe aviária, diz estudo    
E a cada trinta anos em média surge uma pandemia. Já está na hora de surgir uma e nós não sabemos como será esse vírus, declarou um dos líderes da …

Antibody defeat avian flu virus, says study
And thirty years each on average is a pandemic. Now it’s time to come over and we will not know how this virus, said one of the leaders of …

keyword:     "pandemia"        Feb 24, 2009 02:30  (Gazeta da Serra)

・Grippe aviaire : le Vietman doit être vigilant    
… facilement transmissible entre humains, ajoute Jean-Marc Olivé. Si cela se produit, nous pourrions voir le début d’une nouvelle pandémie de grippe.

Avian flu: Vietnam must be vigilant
… easily transmissible between humans, "says Jean-Marc Olivé. If this happens, we could see the beginning of a new influenza pandemic.

keyword:     "pandémie"        Feb 23, 2009 19:30  (Enviro2B)

・Grippe, vers un traitement universel ?    
Dans le cas d’une pandémie de grippe, ces personnes à risque ainsi que d’autres (par exemple, les premiers intervenants et le personnel médical) pourraient …

Influenza, to a universal treatment?
In the case of an influenza pandemic, these people at risk and others (eg, first responders and medical personnel) could …

keyword:     "pandémie"        Feb 23, 2009 19:30  (

・Identificados anticorpos que protegem ratos de várias estirpes do vírus da gripe   
Segundo ele, em caso de epidemia, anticorpos humanos monoclonais poderiam constituir um complemento importante dos anti virais para conter a pandemia, …

Identified antibodies that protect mice from several strains of …
According to him, in case of epidemic, human monoclonal antibodies could be an important addition to the anti virus to contain the pandemic, …

keyword:     "pandemia"        2009-02-22 00:00  (Pú


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Pandemic Influenza Information Feb 22, 2009

Posted by pandemicinformation on 02/21/2009

This blog using web news aggregating service called “news!eye”. I have monitoring, clipping and analysis about Pandemic Influenza Information everyday.

・新型インフル、8割が訓練実施せず 大学病院の対応遅れる    
大学病院の8割が新型インフルエンザに対応した訓練を実施したことがなく、所在地の行政機関との連携体制も4割近くで構築できていないことが、文部科学省が実施した調査で分かった。設備の整った大学病院は大流行(パンデミック)の際に患者治療や感染拡大防止の拠点になる …

New INFURU, delayed response training conducted with the University Hospital D
University Hospital has conducted training with the avian flu percent support, collaboration with organizations in four local government agencies can not be built close to D, according to a survey conducted by the Ministry of Education. University Hospital is equipped epidemic (pandemic) will be the base for treatment and prevention of spread during the …

keyword:”パンデミック”        Feb 22, 2009 06:52  (日本経済新聞)

・Diez millones de antivirales a la espera de la gripe aviar    
Los expertos advierten de que el riesgo de una pandemia sigue vigente. El Gobierno inaugurará en breve en Burgos una cadena de producción de fármacos …

Ten million of antivirals in anticipation of bird flu
Experts warn that the risk of a pandemic is still in place. The Government will open shortly in Burgos a production chain drug …

keyword:”pandemia”        Feb 21, 2009 20:30  (Público)

・Caso humano em Espanha    
… pelas aves e pelos humanos – venha um dia a servir de tubo de ensaio para uma alteração do vírus da gripe, de forma a poder provocar uma pandemia. …

Human case in Spain
… by birds and the humans – should one day serve as a pilot for a change of influenza virus, so as to cause a pandemic. …

keyword:”pandemia”        Feb 21, 2009 08:30  (Rádio Renascença)

・Hong Kong bird tests positive for H5N1    
… close contact with sick birds, but scientists fear the virus could one day mutate into a form that would spread rapidly among humans, causing a pandemic.

keyword:”pandemic”        Feb 21, 2009 05:31  (Indiana’s NewsCenter, IN)

・China tem quinta morte por gripe aviária em um mês    
… caso ocorra uma mutação do vírus, ele poderá permitir o contágio direto entre humanos que levaria a uma pandemia -epidemia de caráter global. …

China is the fifth death from bird flu in a month
… if a mutation of the virus, it can allow direct contact between humans would lead to a pandemic-epidemic of global character. …,,MUL972421-5602,00-CHINA+TEM+QUINTA+MORTE+POR+GRIPE+AVIARIA+EM+UM+MES.html

keyword:”pandemia”        Feb 20, 2009 19:30  (

・Novavax sees potential in lab-stage flu vaccine    
In the study, two injections of the company’s Pandemic influenza virus-like particle resulted in complete survival of mice that were given three different …

keyword:”pandemic”        Feb 20, 2009 05:32  (Forbes, NY)

・Decision Theater hosts second flu Pandemic exercise    
Arizona health care officials are testing their decision making capabilities Thursday in the second simulation of a flu Pandemic at an Arizona school. …

keyword:”pandemic”        Feb 20, 2009 04:32  (, NC)

・US Congressional, USPTO Officials See Geneva Policymaking Up Close    
At the WHO, the subject was the Global Strategy and Plan of Action on Public Health, Innovation and Intellectual Property and Pandemic Influenza …

keyword:”pandemic”        Feb 20, 2009 04:32  (Intellectual Property Watch, Switzerland)

・Non-Lethal Weapons: the Right Tools for the Job    
For example, they could help enforce a domestic quarantine in the event of Pandemic influenza and secure the country’s borders more effectively. …

keyword:”pandemic”        Feb 20, 2009 04:32  (Systems, GA)

・Neue Nachrichten von der Epidemie-Front    
In Ostasien geht jetzt schon die Sorge um die nächste Grippe-pandemie um. Im nächsten Winter soll es so weit sein. Wien – 2005 herrschte in der Weltpresse …

New news of the epidemic front
In East Asia is now the concern for the next influenza pandemic in order. In the next winter will be so far. Vienna – 2005 was in the World Press …

keyword:”pandemie”        Feb 20, 2009 04:09  (

・Deutsches pandemie Symposium – Berlin 2009    
Die nächste Influenza-pandemie wird von Experten nach wie vor erwartet und stellt in ihren Ausmaßen unverändert eine Gefährdung für weite Teile der …

Deutsches pandemie Symposium – Berlin 2009
The next influenza pandemic by experts to be expected and is in its size remains a hazard for large sections of the …

keyword:”pandemie”        Feb 20, 2009 01:30  (Firmenpresse (Pressemitteilung))

・Hillary Clinton’s Asia tour    
Officially, the USA seeks to assume a leading role again on climate change, pandemic prevention, nuclear proliferation, on all of these serious threats and …

keyword:”pandemic”        Feb 19, 2009 22:30  (The New Nation, Bangladesh)

・Recent Bird Flu Cases Not Signs Of pandemic    
Last week the World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed a 23-year-old Vietnamese woman from the northern province of Quang Ninh also had bird flu, …

keyword:”pandemic”        Feb 19, 2009 22:30  (RedOrbit, TX)

・Readying for influenza Pandemic    
The local health unit drafted its first Pandemic plan in 2003, however, until yesterday, it has never been brought to the board of health for approval. …

keyword:”pandemic”        Feb 19, 2009 21:32  (Chatham Daily News, Canada)

・Bird Flu Vaccine Protects Children    
A vaccine to protect against infection with the bird flu virus, the pathogen experts fear is capable of causing pandemic disease in humans, proved safe and …

keyword:”pandemic”        Feb 19, 2009 19:16  (, Peru)

・In-flight medical events increasingly frequent    
The risk that commercial aircrafts are vehicles of influenza pandemic spread is real and opportunities exist to keep the risk to a minimum. …$1270545.htm

keyword:”pandemic”        Feb 19, 2009 18:31  (, UK)

・Finland creates internet crisis portal    
If a pandemic breaks out in Finland or if bird flu is spreading among animals, information and advice about the matter will be immediately gathered on the …

keyword:”pandemic”        Feb 19, 2009 17:31  (Helsinki Times (subscription), Finland)

・新型インフル対策 県内医療機関にサーモグラフィー    
大流行(パンデミック)が懸念される新型インフルエンザ対策の一環で、兵庫県は二〇〇九年度から、感染症患者に対応する県内の各医療機関に、発熱を識別できるサーモグラフィー(熱感知装置)を全国に先駆けて配備する。院内感染を未然に防ぐのが狙い。 …

Prefecture INFURU measures of medical thermography to the new
Epidemic (pandemic) as part of measures against avian flu is concerned, is two hundred HYOGO year 9, the medical institutions in the prefecture to respond to infectious disease patients, to identify the heating thermographic (heat detectors) prior to deployment in the country. Aims to prevent hospital infection. .

keyword:”パンデミック”        Feb 19, 2009 09:09  (神戸新聞)

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