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Shortage of vaccine causing global worry …

Posted by pandemicinformation on 05/19/2009

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Shortage of vaccine causing global worry
Yesterday, the World Health Organisation met with 10 major vaccine manufacturers in Geneva to discuss increasing production as the world faces a pandemic …
May 20, 2009
New Straits Times


Close Club Gitmo? Not so fast.
Also included in the bill was money for the swine flu pandemic, and other unspecified causes. What was missing from the bill was the $80 million dollars …
May 20, 2009
Sussex Sun

Expert: bird flu still a threat
By : Annie Freeda Cruez This is the reminder to Asian governments from Dr Hans Tieru, the World Health Organisation representative for Brunei, Malaysia and …
May 20, 2009
New Straits Times

Value of vaccination
In recent years, the world faced new threats in the forms of the 1997 H5N1 bird flu and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), and now, the influenza A …
May 20, 2009
Malaysia Star

半数がメキシコ出張を制限 米企業の感染対策
93%の企業は、パンデミックとなった場合には従業員に自宅などでの勤務を認めるとした。 87%は従業員へのインフルエンザ関連情報の伝達などで、インターネットのブログやウェブサイトなどの「ニューメディア」を活用しているという。(共同通信)
Infection control in U.S. companies is restricted to half of Mexico travel
93% of the company, if a pandemic were allowed to work at home employees. And 87% of the transmission of flu-related information to employees, such as Internet blogs and websites of "new media" that they are using. (Kyodo News)
May 20, 2009

威海流感防控工作进入实战状态 严防病从外来
5月15日起,我市检验检疫部门按照上级部署,对来自疫病流行国家和地区的入境人员,在专用通道体温监测的全过程录像。录像至少保存一个月,之后刻成光盘长期留存备查。 下一步,检验检疫部门将协调卫生部门,指派临床执业医师到口岸一线值班,检疫人员通过体温监测或者医学巡查发现体征异常的入境人员后,及时交给临床执业医师进一步排查,既 …
Weihai, influenza prevention and control work to prevent disease entering the actual state from the external
May 15, the city in accordance with the higher level of inspection and quarantine departments to deploy, from disease-endemic countries and regions, immigration staff, the dedicated channel to monitor the temperature of the entire process of video. Video for at least a month, long after the CD-ROM for future reference carved. Next, inspection and quarantine departments will coordinate the health sector, clinical practitioners assigned to front-line duty at ports and quarantine body temperature monitoring, or through the medical inspection of immigrants found abnormal signs personnel, timely clinical practice to the physician for further investigation, both …
May 20, 2009

西藏报告一“甲流”疑似病例 广东疑似病例确诊,山东确诊病例出院
卫生部专家组根据患者的临床表现、流行病学调查结果和实验室检测结果,按照卫生部制订的诊疗方案判定这一病例为甲型H1N1流感确诊病例。 记者19日中午从广东省卫生、疾控部门了解到,这名患者的密切接触者共93人,截至19日11时,已追踪查找到75人并进行医学观察隔离,仍有18人正在查找中。 据新华社济南5月19日电19日上午,济南传染病医院 …
Tibet’s report "a stream" suspected cases confirmed suspected cases in Guangdong, Shandong confirmed cases discharged from hospital
According to the Ministry of Health expert group of patients with clinical manifestations, epidemiological findings and laboratory test results, according to the Ministry of Health to develop programs to determine the diagnosis and treatment of this case is confirmed cases of influenza type H1N1. At noon on the 19th journalist from Guangdong health, disease control departments understand that the close contacts of patients with a total of 93 people, as at 11:00 on the 19th, has been tracking the 75 people to find and quarantine medical observation, there are still 18 people are looking for in. According to Xinhua News Agency, Jinan, May 19 – 19 am, Jinan Hospital for Infectious Diseases …
May 20, 2009

pandemic or paranoia? Handicapping the swine flu
Spokeswomen for the National Pork Board failed to respond to calls and e-mails seeking further information about industry standards and policies. …
May 20, 2009
Medill Reports: Chicago

Companies could vaccinate 4.9 bln against H1N1 -WHO
Chan said that vaccine makers have shown a very serious commitment to help the international community prepare for a pandemic of flu, which, while seemingly …
May 20, 2009

Mexico swine flu deaths hit 74
The World Health Organization today raised the threat level to ‘phase 5,’ indicating a pandemic is imminent. (Joe Raedle, Getty Images) MEXICO CITY (AP) …
May 20, 2009

Unions Urge OSHA to Enforce Swine Flu Worker Protections
Don’t forget to check out the AFL-cio’s pandemic flu site, which includes vital resources for health care workers, firefighters, educators and more. …
May 20, 2009

Flu trouble for 4 S’poreans overseas
News of their quarantine came as Japan yesterday braced for the possibility of the H1N1 flu pandemic reaching Tokyo. According to 938LIVE, the two men and …
May 20, 2009

Philippines remains swine flu-free, chairs Asean+3 health summit …
… after a baby suspected of being infected with the virus tested negative, is batting for greater regional cooperation to combat the potential pandemic. …
May 20, 2009
Cnet Asia

H1N1 threat reaches plateau; travel warning lifted
As the threat of an H1N1 influenza pandemic “plateaus,” Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada lifted its travel warning against non-essential …;_travel_warning_lifted_20090519444320/
May 20, 2009
Western News

Two Confirmed Swine Flu cases in Coffee County
“The same actions you can take against preventing pandemic Flu are effective against Swine Flu as well.” Flu is thought to spread mainly person-to-person …
May 20, 2009
The Enterprise Ledger

Flu count stable as checks continue
By Elspeth McLean on Wed, 20 May 2009 As the number of swine flu cases in New Zealand remains stable, updating of pandemic planning continues in Otago and …
May 20, 2009
Otago Daily Times

Cuba for Peace, Social Justice and Health to Fight Crisis
Cuba has implemented strong measures since April 27 to fight the flu pandemic under the International Sanitary Regulations, he recalled. …
May 20, 2009
Radio Cadena Agramonet

Legislators oppose 20b loan for bird flu
Avian influenza commonly called “bird flu” is caused by viruses that occur naturally in birds, especially migratory ones. Last year, the highly pathogenic …
May 20, 2009
New Vision

More swine flu precautions needed, says Indian official
… the ministry’s director general, said it had not sent out any new circulars as doctors already had the information sent out during the bird flu scare. …
May 20, 2009
The National

本报讯(记者韩军通讯员肖金萍)为进一步加强甲型H1N1流感防控工作,5月15,大港区卫生防病站开展了应对甲型H1N1流感密切接触者和疑似病例疫情防控演习。 当防疫部门接到发现甲型H1N1流感报告后,流行病调查小组,采样小组,和环境消毒小组依序进入紧张工作,整个演习从乘车出发到完成隔离服消毒共持续32分钟,为及时防控争取了时间。
Dagang H1N1 Type A influenza prevention and control to carry out the exercise (Figure)
By (Xinhua correspondent Han肖金萍) to further strengthen the prevention and control of influenza A H1N1 influenza work, May 15, Dagang District Health to carry out disease prevention stations to deal with H1N1 Type A influenza in close contact with suspected cases and the epidemic prevention and control exercises. When the quarantine department received the report found that Type A H1N1 influenza, the epidemic investigation team, sample group, and environmental disinfection in order to enter the working group, the entire exercise from start to finish隔离服car lasted 32 minutes disinfection, for the timely prevention control for the time.
May 20, 2009


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