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Global Testing Shows No Variation in Swine Flu Virus …

Posted by pandemicinformation on 06/04/2009

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Global Testing Shows No Variation in Swine Flu Virus
The World Health Organization said Tuesday that it was weighing whether to declare a global pandemic, with more cases of the H1N1 swine flu surfacing in the …
June 5, 2009
Atlanta Journal Constitution


狂犬病死亡率高,據了解,今年三月份以來,狂犬病疫情在陜西漢中西鄉、洋縣、城固、漢臺、勉縣等縣區暴發流行,目前疫情已波及11個縣區的186個鄉鎮。全市被犬類咬傷或抓傷人數累計達5523人次。自3月21日起已有8人發病死亡,另有洋縣2名疑似病例住進該縣醫院進行搶救性治療 …
To those who argue打狗
Rabies mortality, It is understood that since March this year, rabies epidemic Nishigo Hanzhong in Shaanxi, Yangxian, Chenggu, Chinese Taiwan, and other counties Mianxian outbreak, the current outbreak has affected 11 counties, 186 townships . The city has been the number of dog bites or scratches on his 5523 total views. Since March 21 the incidence from 8 people killed and two suspected cases Yangxian county admitted to hospital for emergency treatment and treatment …
June 5, 2009

H1N1 cases on reserve a ‘wake-up call’: chief
“All of this would remind us that any influenza pandemic is going to be more severe in certain population groups and not something which can be brushed off …
June 5, 2009
Winnipeg Sun

猪流感 拷问中国医疗信息化
SARS期间北京迅速构建了全市SARS信息报送系统、疫情分析决策支持系统和流行病调查信息系统,北京市信息化办公室称赞“信息系统的建设成果使北京市领导能够准确及时获取有关SARS的各类信息,有力的支持了领导的科学决策,为打赢抗击非典的战争做出了应有的贡献,得到了北京市领导的高度评价”。 又比如,卫星定位技术,可视化MIS平台技术, …
Swine flu torture of Chinese medical information
Construction of Beijing during the SARS quickly submitted to the city’s SARS information system, Decision Support System for epidemic analysis and epidemiological investigation information system, the Beijing Municipal Information Office praised "the results of information systems so that the leadership in Beijing can be accurate and timely information on various types of SARS information and strong support for the leadership of the scientific decision-making, in order to win the war against SARS has made its due contribution to the Beijing leadership has been highly praised. " For instance, in satellite positioning technology, visualization MIS platform technology, …
June 5, 2009

针对流感,县卫生局草拟了《开县2009年普通高考全国统一考试期间甲型H1N1流感应急处置预案》,应对甲型H1N1流感的发生与流行。考试期间不是每个考生都要进行检查,只对有发热等现象的考生进行检查。 为保障考生的饮食安全,县卫生监督所和县疾控中心相关人员就考点和考生定点食宿单位的卫生监督、疾病控制、消毒 …
Kaixian multi-sectoral linkage to ensure smooth conduct of entrance examination
In light of the spread of influenza in the country HINI influenza, the county Health Department to draft the "Kaixian in 2009 the National College Entrance Examination ordinary influenza H1N1 influenza during the emergency disposal plan" to deal with the occurrence of influenza H1N1 and pandemic influenza. Not every candidate during the examination period should be checked only on the phenomenon of fever and other candidates to be checked. Candidates for the protection of food security, health monitoring by the county and county CDC staff and students on the test board unit sentinel health monitoring, disease control, disinfection …
June 5, 2009

WHO’s Chan aims to strike balance as agency steers world toward …
Chan also revealed: she thinks swine flu needs a new official name; that WHO thinks it can secure 10 per cent of pandemic vaccine doses from the start of …
June 5, 2009
The Canadian Press

Analysis of H1N1 flu response shows progress, problems
The good news: The experience has shown that years of pandemic preparation have paid dividends, particularly with regard to coordination, communication, …
June 5, 2009

Early lessons learned from the H1N1 flu
However, the outbreak also revealed serious gaps in our nation’s preparedness for pandemic flu and other public health emergencies. …
June 5, 2009
United Press International

湖北省和武汉市疾控中心对患者的鼻咽拭子标本进行平行检测,结果均为 湖北省卫生厅组织省、市两级专家组进行会诊,按照卫生部制定的甲型H1N1流感诊疗方案,对患者临床表现、流行病学资料及实验室检查结果进行综合分析后,判定该病例为甲型H1N1流感确诊病例。目前患者病情稳定,无呼吸困难,体温37.8度。流调发现该患者在湖北境内共有密切 …
The second case was found in Hubei Province imported confirmed cases of influenza A H1N1 influenza
Wuhan City, Hubei Province, and the CDC on the patient’s nose and throat swab specimens parallel testing, the results of health organized by the Office of Hubei Province, provincial and municipal levels to carry out consultation group of experts, drawn up in accordance with the Ministry of Health clinic program influenza type H1N1, Clinical manifestations of patients, epidemiological data and laboratory test results after a comprehensive analysis to determine the type case for confirmed cases of influenza H1N1. Patients in stable condition at present, no difficulty in breathing, body temperature of 37.8 degrees. Found that the flow transfer patients there were a total of Hubei close …
June 5, 2009

As swine flu wanes, US preparing for second wave
A report by the non-profit group Trust for America’s Health released on Thursday found that while the investment in pandemic planning and stockpiling of …
June 5, 2009

Australian Swine Flu Tally at 876; WHO Mulls pandemic
Sustained community transmission outside the Americas would give the WHO the evidence it needs to declare a pandemic. Health authorities in the state of New …
June 5, 2009

Manitoba First Nation confirms swine flu cases
… lacks the infrastructure to deal with a full-scale outbreak, and that a potential pandemic could spread quickly, since residents live in overcrowded homes.
June 5, 2009
Calgary Herald

пандемия свиного гриппа начнется осенью
– Пока ситуация относительно спокойная, но стоит ученикам в сентябре вернуться в школы, и зараза не замедлит воспользоваться этой возможностью. Мы должны готовиться именно к такому сценарию, – считает эксперт в области вирусологии, представитель медицинского факультета Лондонского университета, …
porcine influenza pandemic will start in autumn
– While the situation relatively calm, but is in September, students return to school, and the contagion will not be slow to take advantage of this opportunity. We have to prepare it for such a scenario – considers the expert in the field of virology, the representative of the Medical Faculty of the University of London, …
June 5, 2009
Комсомольская Правда в Украине

Swine Flu Emerging In South America
“What may be happening in Chile is what happens with the usual evolution of a pandemic.” said Andrus. According to Andrus, the World Health Organization is …
June 5, 2009
Talk Radio News Service

New Dollars and Critique Lobbed at Swine Flu Response
Trust for America’s Health, which is based in Washington, DC, today issued a detailed critique, “pandemic Flu Preparedness: Lessons from the Frontlines. …
June 5, 2009
Science Now

Health dept. no longer testing for Swine Flu
What we know is it was a novel influenza in which we had no protection, no immunity and we also knew it was swine originated and some of the pandemic flu’s …
June 5, 2009 powerd by WLUC TV6

Nurse’s Convention Will Discuss pandemic Preparedness
Saskatchewan nurses going to the biennial national nurse’s convention will be learning about the economic crisis, pandemic preparedness, and the nursing …
June 5, 2009

Probing Question: Can a pandemic be predicted?
However, authorities have long been watching for the next pandemic, defined simply as an outbreak of disease spread by human-to-human transmission over a …
June 5, 2009

US ‘Swine Flu’ Death Toll Hits 20; Thousands More Infected
Twenty people in the United States have now been confirmed as having died from the H1N1 “swine flu” virus, the global pandemic which has infected as many as …
June 5, 2009
Attorney at Law

Ministério da Saúde registra três novos casos de gripe suína
O Grupo Executivo Interministerial para pandemia de Influenza (GEI) aprovou um novo protocolo de manejo clínico que altera a definição de caso suspeito. …
Ministry of Health recorded three new cases of swine flu
The Group Executive of Inter for Pandemic Influenza (GEI) approved a new protocol for clinical management amending the definition of suspected cases. …
June 5, 2009
O Globo

Brasil confirma três novos casos de gripe H1N1; total vai a 28
Por decisão do Grupo Executivo Interministerial para pandemia de Influenza (GEI), aprovada na segunda-feira, serão internados apenas pacientes com sintomas …
Brazil confirms three new cases of H1N1 flu, the total is 28
By decision of the Interministerial Group Executive for the Pandemic Influenza (GEI), approved on Monday will be admitted only patients with symptoms …
June 5, 2009
O Globo


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