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WHO getting closer to declaring A/H1N1 pandemic, says official …

Posted by pandemicinformation on 06/02/2009

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WHO getting closer to declaring A/H1N1 pandemic, says official
According to the WHO’s current pandemic alert system, phase 6 will mean the A/H1N1 flu virus causes sustained and community-level human-to-human …
June 3, 2009


【商報訊】今年3月以來,地處陝西省南部的漢中市局部爆發流行狂犬病疫情,目前已造成8人死亡,有兩名疑似病例在進行搶救性治療。截至5月底當地共捕殺野犬和流浪犬等可疑犬隻20103隻。 據悉,漢中市民眾飼養的寵物犬、看家犬數量龐大,現有各類犬37萬多隻,平均每10人就 …
Shaan are rabies dog carcasses of more than 20,000
Inquiry】 【Business since March this year, is located in the southern part of Shaanxi Province Hanzhong local rabies epidemic outbreaks have been caused by 8 people were killed and two suspected cases during the rescue treatment. As of the end of May the local wild dogs and stray dogs were hunting dogs, such as 20,103 suspicious. It is learned that the people of Hanzhong City, pet dogs, dogs see the large number of existing types of more than 370,000 dogs only an average of every 10 people on …
June 3, 2009

USDA starts surveillance of pigs for flu
The new H1N1 virus has made more than 11000 people in 42 countries sick, killed 86, and raised fears it could be a pandemic. Scientists believe the virus, …
June 3, 2009

Human nose too cold for flu
… of changes would be needed in order for them to mutate and infect humans, potentially helping us to identify which viruses could lead to a pandemic. …
June 3, 2009

And in a further worrying development the World Health Organisation revealed it is on the brink of increasing its pandemic – a global epidemic – alert to …
June 3, 2009
UK Express

Scot is first ‘healthy’ person in UK to become critically ill with …
It also came as the World Health Organisation cautioned that a full flu pandemic was moving closer as cases continued to spread in communities, …
June 3, 2009

Swine flu teen fine, dad says
The vacant ‘Old’ Oaks Nursing Home at Warwick Hospital has been identified as a possible site for a swine flu “assessment” centre in the event a pandemic is …
June 3, 2009
Warwick Daily News

House Appropriations Chmn: US Needs More Money For H1N1 Flu
If we’re going to be preparing for a pandemic, it’s going to cost a lot more money than we have in the bill now, he said. During a hearing on the budget …
June 3, 2009
Wall Street Journal

Chile Reports 1st Swine Flu Death in South America
The WHO also said it is closer to declaring the swine flu outbreak a pandemic as the infection appears to be taking hold outside North America. …
June 3, 2009
Voice of America

Mexico’s flu deaths top 100
A WHO official warned on Tuesday that a swine flu pandemic was looming closer, as Africa reported its first case and Australia’s tally soared to nearly 500. …
June 3, 2009
Straits Times

Area school districts turn to health officials in swine flu cases
The district has no plans to close school before its scheduled last day on Friday and is following a pandemic preparedness plan it already had in place. …
June 3, 2009
The Patriot-News –

Biz readies in case of swine pandemic
The World Health Organization says the swine flu outbreak is inching closer to a pandemic, but the general level of infection is still moderate. …
June 3, 2009

Report: SMBs Not Fully Equipped to Handle Disasters
The US federal government’s National Strategy for pandemic Influenza Implementation Plan, a TMCnet report says, highlights the significant advantages of …
June 3, 2009

First ‘critical’ swine flu victim with no previous health issues
… among those under 40, probably because they had never been exposed to the 1968 flu pandemic that was of a similar strain to the current swine flu virus. …
June 3, 2009
The Herald

World Bank expands global flu fund
The credit line will top up the Global Program for Avian Influenza Control and Human pandemic Preparedness and Response (GPAI), a fund set up in January …
June 3, 2009
Independent Online

BioWorld International June 3, 2009
… an additional 1.6 million courses of Relenza for the National Medical Stockpile to bolster supplies of antiviral drugs to treat pandemic influenza. …
June 3, 2009

Boosting Your Immune System Response To The Swine Flu
… including the H1N1 influenza virus (common flu), the H5N1 avian influenza (bird flu) and the West Nile virus. In study after study, mice treated with …
June 3, 2009
North American Press Syndicate

World Bank Approves $500M Fast-Track Facility For Swine Flu
This is a particularly bad time for a pandemic to occur given that developing countries are more vulnerable now because of the compounded effects of the …
June 3, 2009
Wall Street Journal

Swine flu reaches Jamaica
“The Public Health Department and the Health Services Authority remain vigilant in their fight against a possible pandemic. …
June 3, 2009
Cayman News Service


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