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Posted by pandemicinformation on 06/15/2009

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By Katherine Fenech A MACHINE that could wipe out swine and bird flu has been developed by UK scientists, it was revealed yesterday. …
June 16, 2009
UK Express


UN chief says flu must not cause travel bans
According to Reuters UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said on Thursday that Reactions to the World Health Organization’s declaration of a flu pandemic must …
June 16, 2009
e-Travel Blackboard (press release)

GPs may refuse to work amid flu pandemic
Union leaders warn some GPs may refuse to work if swine flu pandemic spreads through UK. Click on available sources in right hand menu to see the original …
June 16, 2009
Healthcare Today

Health must not be a casualty of economics
By Ban Ki-moon & Margaret Chan THE World Health Organisation has now officially declared the H1N1 flu virus to be a global pandemic. …
June 16, 2009

Your tap has more germs than your toilet handle
The Hygiene Council said the findings were alarming, particularly as the swine flu pandemic is being spread by sneezes and a failure to wash hands and …
June 16, 2009
Daily Mail

Frontrunners Emerge In Swine Flu Vaccine Race
Just days after the World Health Organization declared a swine flu pandemic, Fierce Biotech reports that two pharmaceutical companies are already racing to …
June 16, 2009

按照卫生部最新的甲型H1N1流感诊疗标准,医院已对相关人员培训。 为提高测量体温的速度和准确度,不少医院在门诊通道设立了红外线测温仪进行一级预检。记者从市立医院、海慈医院和三医了解到,凡是测量后体温超过37.5℃的病人会直接被转到发热门诊预检。为了防止遗漏,医院还在急诊科设立了二级预检分诊,一旦发现有流行病学史的发热病人将 …
Hospital patients and their families have to measure the body temperature
Ministry of Health in accordance with the latest standards for influenza H1N1 flu clinics, the hospital has the relevant training of personnel. In order to enhance the speed and temperature measurement accuracy, and many hospitals set up in the out-patient access to a pre-infra-red thermometer. This reporter learned from the City Hospital, sea-Ci Hospital and three doctors that any measurement of temperature above 37.5 ℃ after the patient was transferred directly pre-fever patient. In order to prevent the omission, the hospital emergency department has also set up two sub patient pre-screening if it is found that the epidemiological history of fever patients will be …
June 16, 2009

Medical College Researchers First to Publish Epidemiologic …
In response to the federal government’s high priority for accelerated research to combat bird flu and bioterrorism, the Medical College and Dr. Henrickson …
June 16, 2009

Far too many potential swine flu cases to test
The pandemic has also escalated overseas, with UK officials announcing the first swine flu death outside the Americas after an infected patient died in a …,27574,25643335-1243,00.html
June 16, 2009

British flu fatality is first outside Americas
Three days after the World Health Organization declared a global pandemic, the government in Scotland said an infected patient who also had “underlying …
June 16, 2009
Tehran Times

Group helps Gulfport recover from ’08 flood
On Thursday the World Health Organization declared the swine flu, also known as H1N1, as the first pandemic flu in more than 40 years. …
June 16, 2009
Galesburg Register-Mail

7 more students test positive, Centre sends team to Jalandhar
The Government on Monday asked people, particularly students, to defer foreign visits till the swine flu pandemic was controlled globally. …–Centre-sends-team-to-Jalandhar/477162
June 16, 2009
Indian Express

Heard on the Street- Bilpower to charge up transformer business
The formal UN declaration giving Swine flu a pandemic status has done a world of good for Cipla. The Indian generic drug maker is one of the few …–Bilpower-to-charge-up-transformer-business/articleshow/4659990.cms
June 16, 2009
Economic Times

NAN Asks Government to Step Up in Arrival of H1N1
That is compelling evidence that the situation is an emerging pandemic, said Deputy Grand Chief Fiddler. Health Canada said existing staff could be …
June 16, 2009
Wawatay News

Swiss drugmaker Novartis says produces first batch of swine flu …
Cell-based technology is not going to help us increase our pandemic vaccine supply for a while, he said. Novartis said more than 30 governments have …
June 16, 2009
Prince George Citizen

Croatia confirms, then denies 1st case of swine flu
WHO says 35928 people in 76 countries have been infected with swine flu, and 163 have died. Last week, WHO declared a swine flu pandemic – a global …
June 16, 2009
The Canadian Press Provides Same-Day Shipping for Tamiflu
“Although the severity of the pandemic in terms of severe or fatal infections is low-to-moderate,” said Rich Bernstein, marketing director for, …
June 16, 2009
TransWorldNews (press release)

4th swine flu death in Quebec
Authorities reported 94 new cases in the province yesterday, bringing the total since the start of the pandemic to 967. Of that number, 134 individuals have …
June 16, 2009
The Gazette (Montreal)

內地新增甲型H1N1流感確診病例41例 共226例
據悉,山東省衛生廳已組織省級專家組前往青島市進行會診,指導臨床救治、流行病學調查和疾病防控工作。當地疾控機構立即開展流行病學調查,隔離治療病例,對病人到過的場所進行消毒,追蹤登記密切接觸者,對已追蹤到的1名密切接觸者實施了醫學觀察,其他可能的密切接觸者 …
Mainland Added alpha H1N1 influenza A total of 41 cases of confirmed cases of 226 cases of
It is reported that Shandong Province, the provincial Health Department has organized a group of experts to carry out consultation in Qingdao, guiding clinical treatment, epidemiological investigation and disease prevention and control work. The local epidemiology of disease control agencies to carry out immediate investigation, isolation and treatment of cases, the patients have been to carry out disinfection of the premises, tracing close contacts of the registration, have been traced to close contact with one of those who carried out medical observation and close contact with other possible From …
June 16, 2009

Poor countries ‘vulnerable to swine flu’
The WHO has warned that the swine flu pandemic could cripple health services in poor countries. World Health Organisation (WHO) chief Margaret Chan has … 16, 2009

“达菲”是对抗甲型H1N1流感的有效药物,疫情暴发后,达菲重新回到了人们的视线中,在2001年SARS和2004年禽流感流行后,达菲已经成为罗氏旗下最为出名的药品。 INSEAD营运管理学教授卢克·沃森霍夫表示:“罗氏正处于很特殊的处境中。全球对达菲药物的需求,使罗氏这个拥有全球’达菲’专利的公司陷入了一个很艰难的处境。”沃森霍夫和INSEAD的客座 …
Influenza pandemic: the moral priorities of Chinese
medicine or the profits of enterprises of priority?
"Tamiflu" is against the H1N1 Type A influenza effective drugs, after the outbreak, Duffy returned to the people’s attention, in 2001, SARS and bird flu epidemic in 2004, after Roche’s Tamiflu has become the most well-known Drugs. INSEAD Professor of Operations Management卢克沃Wassenhove said: "Roche is in a very special situation. Global demand for the drug Tamiflu to Roche the world’s’ Tamiflu ‘patent of the company into a very difficult situation. "Wassenhove INSEAD and Visiting …
June 16, 2009

天士力 流感疫苗审批有望提速
公司旗下金纳生物技术有限公司拥有亚单位流感疫苗技术,由于H1N1流感在全球大规模流行,兴业证券认为在此情况下金纳的亚单位流感疫苗的审批有望提速。由于亚单位流感疫苗技术含量较高,定价可能有一定的溢价,因此获批进入销售后可能会为公司产生一部分实际的业绩。 兴业证券预计公司2009年~2011年的EPS分别为0.66元、0.81元、1.10元,给予 …
Tasly days influenza vaccine is expected to speed the approval
Ginaton Inc. Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has a subunit influenza vaccine technology, as a result of H1N1 influenza pandemic in the world, SG Securities in such circumstances that Ginaton subunit of the influenza vaccine is expected to speed the approval. Subunit influenza vaccine as a result of high technological contents, pricing and there may be a premium, it may be granted to enter the sales for the company as part of the actual performance. Societe Generale Securities Corporation in 2009 is expected in 2011 ~ the EPS were 0.66 yuan, 0.81 yuan, 1.10 yuan, to give …
June 16, 2009

Paraguai: Resposta do governo para chegada do vírus H1N1
A gripe suína foi declarada como uma pandemia global no dia 11 de junho de 2009. Esta é a primeira vez, em 41 anos, que a Organização Mundial de Saúde …
Paraguay: Government Response to the arrival of the H1N1 virus
The swine flu was declared as a global pandemic on June 11, 2009. This is the first time in 41 years that the World Health Organization …
June 16, 2009
Global Voices Online

Nacional sofre com gripados antes de jogo contra Palmeiras
Após exames, a conclusão foi a de gripe comum, afastando-se a hipótese de infecção com a gripe suína, que foi declarada pandemia pela Organização Mundial de …
National has the flu before the game against Palmeiras
After examination, the conclusion was the common flu, ruling out the possibility of infection with swine influenza, the pandemic has been declared the World …
June 16, 2009

Mizoram bans import of pigs from Myanmar
bird flu virtually ruined our business. But now our business has looked up, said a chicken seller called. State animal husbandry and veterinary department …
June 16, 2009
Times of India


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