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汉中狂犬病蔓延已致8人死亡 将对家养犬强制免疫(Hanzhong spread of rabies deaths have been caused by 8 compulsory vaccination will home Kennel) …

Posted by pandemicinformation on 06/01/2009

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汉中狂犬病蔓延已致8人死亡 将对家养犬强制免疫
本月23日之前,汉中将完成全市所有犬只的疫苗注射工作,有望遏制狂犬病扩散蔓延的势头。截至目前,疫情已造成8人死亡。 据介绍,汉中市辖10县1区,234个乡镇,初步统计全市养犬数量为37.38万只,其中县城以上中心城区养犬2.52万只。今年3月份以来,狂犬病疫情在汉中暴发流行。目前,汉中对所有家养犬只实行强制免疫。汉中市已组织调运回30万 …
Hanzhong spread of rabies deaths have been caused by 8 compulsory vaccination will home Kennel
On the 23rd of this month before the city of Hanzhong to complete the vaccination of all dogs work, is expected to contain the spread of the spread of rabies. Up to now, the epidemic has resulted in 8 deaths. It is reported that 10 counties市辖Hanzhong 1 District, 234 villages and towns, the number of preliminary statistics for the city Kennel 373,800, of which more than the county seat city Kennel 25200. Since March of this year, rabies epidemic outbreak in Hanzhong. Currently, all domestic dogs Hanzhong a mandatory immunization. Hanzhong City, has organized the transfer back to 300,000 …
June 2, 2009


通報說,5月31日,我省漯河市報告一例甲型H1N1流感可疑病例。6月1日,省級專家組結合流行病史、臨床表現和實驗室結果,初步診斷為甲型H1N1流感疑似病例。6月1日下午,已按規定將患者標本送往國家疾控中心進行實驗室復核檢測,請衛生部專家組明確診斷。 …
Henan Province, the first case of imported cases of suspected influenza H1N1 influenza
Informed that on May 31, our province Luohe report a case of suspected cases of influenza H1N1 influenza. June 1, combined with popular history of the provincial-level expert group, clinical manifestations and laboratory findings, the initial diagnosis of suspected cases of influenza type H1N1. The afternoon of June 1, in accordance with the provisions of the national patient specimens sent to CDC for review laboratory testing, please clear diagnosis of the Ministry of Health Expert Group. …
June 2, 2009

[New] INFURU first occurred in pregnant women infected
All patterns of law for Disease Control Division (BYONYURU Jung) Center for Infectious Diseases supports the "influenza pandemic like the Spanish flu in the past (pandemic) and see the results of the study, if the flu is not a pregnant woman, and premature found to increase the risk of spontaneous abortion. "
June 2, 2009

中央流行疫情指揮中心考量新型流感現況及總體防疫作為,將疫情等級由原第三級調降至第二級,國防部軍醫局昨日表示,為配合中央防疫政策,國軍防疫等級同時跟進,調降為「第二級」;各單位仍須審慎應對疫情,持續落實所屬單位疫情監視,並加強人員自主健康管理,以維人安。 …
Lower level of the military vaccination as a "second class"
The central command center to consider the new epidemic outbreak of influenza vaccination status and general as to the epidemic level of the original transfer to the second level the third level, the Ministry of National Defense Medical Bureau, said yesterday that, in line with the central disease-prevention policy, the military hierarchy at the same time follow-up immunization, downgraded to "second class"; all units must carefully deal with the epidemic, the epidemic continued to monitor the implementation of their respective units and to strengthen their own health management personnel to human security dimension. …
June 2, 2009

Swine flu in Nunavut
Fortunately, it is not the nasty virus we expected with a pandemic, Sobol said. His advice on swine flu prevention is the same as with any other flu: to …
June 2, 2009
Northern News Services (subscription)

College of Public Health Announces New Degree Program
… aimed at solving many of today’s problems, including obesity, rising health-care costs and infectious diseases such as the current H1N1 flu pandemic. …
June 2, 2009
University of Arizona News (press release)

Little at large – Carry On Giving, but you can shrink the percentage
The sector has its own guru in the form of Avian Flu Action, which, now that bird flu has become so last year… Please tick here if you do want to receive …—Carry-Giving-shrink-percentage/
June 2, 2009
Third Sector

台确诊第13例甲流病例 为加拿大亚裔女童
台海网6月2日讯据“中央社”报道,台湾流行疫情指挥中心1日指出,台湾新增一例境外移入甲型H1N1流感确诊病例,累计确诊病例达13例。个案是8岁加拿大亚裔女童。 疫情指挥中心表示,这名女童是自加拿大蒙特娄经温哥华,前天凌晨在台北转机,晚上证实为确诊病例。
Taiwan’s first 13 cases of confirmed cases of a stream of Asian girls in Canada
Network across the Taiwan Strait June 2 hearing, according to "Central News Agency" reported that the prevalence of the epidemic in Taiwan on the 1st center pointed out that the Taiwan new case of imported influenza type H1N1 confirmed cases, a total of 13 cases of confirmed cases. Case is 8 years old Asian girls in Canada. Disease center said that this is a girl Montreal Canada by Vancouver, the day before yesterday in Taipei early morning turn for the better, the evening proved to be confirmed cases.
June 2, 2009

Putting the brakes on the ‘flu pandemic
Coming into winter has always meant coughs, colds and various strains of influenza. This year will be no different, apart from having the new strain of flu, …
June 2, 2009
Euroa Gazette

Nine new A/H1N1 flu cases confirmed in Britain
The Health Department pledged to be prepared for the possibility of a global pandemic. To date, 234 cases have been confirmed in England, one from Northern …
June 2, 2009

MedImmune gets US government swine flu contract
… and Human Services placed an initial $90 million order for the vaccine, intending to use it on high-risk populations in the event of a flu pandemic. …
June 2, 2009

MedImmune receives $90M order for H1N1 vaccine
… single-strain live attenuated vaccine will be administered to priority populations identified by HHS in the National Strategy for pandemic Influenza. …
June 2, 2009
Business Gazette

Study to Investigate AHCC and the Swine Flu Virus
Two years ago, following the avian flu outbreak, the same university conducted a study in mice on the effect of AHCC on the bird flu (H5N1) virus. …
June 2, 2009
PR Newswire (press release)

Mask makers cash in on swine flu
The so-called P2 masks were about $2.50 during the SARS pandemic. In the past two months they have gone up from $6.60 when swine flu hit to $8.80 and they …
June 2, 2009
Gold Coast News –

Swine flu cases increase in South Carolina
“This was a great run through,” she said of the health community’s concern the flu outbreak would turn into a pandemic. “When the typing came out we’d never …
June 2, 2009
Anderson Independent Mail

Swine flu vaccine: Serum instt waits for cue
As against the H5N1 (bird flu) virus, this one has a high rate of transmissibility and has infected more than 8000 people in 50 countries in just two months …–Serum-instt-waits-for-cue/469810
June 2, 2009
Indian Express

<3代目社長として、国内初の細胞培養ワクチン製造法の開発に昨年成功した。現行ワクチンのように鶏卵を半年かけて孵化(ふか)させる必要がなく、約8週間で製造できる。臨床試験も順調に進み、世界保健機関(WHO)の報告でも高い評価を受けた。 …
Tackle the pandemic: Shuichi’s drug discovery venture金指= "UMN Pharma," he
❤ as the second president, succeeded last year in the development of the first cell culture vaccine production. Over six months the eggs hatch as the current vaccine (unintelligible) without the need to be about eight weeks to manufacture. Clinical trials go well, the World Health Organization (WHO) has received high praise in the report. …
June 2, 2009

Swine flu fears for State of Origin
By Thursday it is likely the level of pandemic alert will be raised to SUSTAIN, meaning large public gatherings could be banned.,27574,25573622-5018988,00.html
June 2, 2009

Firm signs H1N1 vaccine deal
A health sector expert said more orders could be expected soon, especially from countries such as Singapore which has a pandemic plan that involves a deal …
June 2, 2009
Fiji Times


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