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Experts advise vigilance against ticks …

Posted by pandemicinformation on 05/27/2009

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Experts advise vigilance against ticks
… many chickens in Turkey around the time of the bird flu scare as all being factors that have led to a steep rise in the number of ticks in the nation. …
May 28, 2009
Today’s Zaman


洛地區防疫準備妥當迎冬天疫情 專家憂新流感變種疫苗或不敷
(本報記者陳慧如洛杉磯市報道)大洛杉磯地區防疫工作準備一切妥當,但私底下仍有學者專家憂心,新流感一但變種且變得兇猛,可能會在冬天大流行,就算屆時疫苗順利問世,數量也可能不夠。洛杉磯縣公共衛生局26日說明如何防範包括地震、新流感與火災等突發狀況的發生,以及各 …
Hemoluo District Ying winter ready immunization experts worry the new epidemic variants of influenza vaccine or inadequate
(Our reporter Chen reports such as Los Angeles) The Los Angeles area to prepare all the appropriate prevention, but in private there are still scholars and experts worry that the new variants of influenza and become a fierce but may be epidemic in the winter, even if the vaccine will come out smoothly, the number may not be sufficient. Los Angeles County Public Health Agency on the 26th on how to guard against including earthquakes, fires and other new influenza and the occurrence of sudden, as well as …
May 28, 2009

報告說,金融市場如不能在短期內理順關係、消除阻塞,大多數國家的經濟衰退將延續,全球經濟在2010年前將停滯在低福利水準。 報告警告說,目前在多國發生的甲型H1N1流感如果發展成全球流行病將使本已十分脆弱的經濟形勢進一步惡化。
In 2009 the United Nations cut growth forecasts for the global economy
Reported that the financial markets if they can not straighten out the relationship in the short term, the elimination of obstruction, the majority of the country’s economic recession will continue, the global economy by 2010 will be stuck in a low level of welfare. The report warned that the current multi-country took place in the H1N1 influenza to develop into a global influenza pandemic if the will of the already fragile economic situation to deteriorate further.
May 28, 2009

昨天,市疾控中心的专家提醒市民在休闲、娱乐、逛街、旅游的同时,要绷紧预防甲型H1N1流感这根弦,尽量避免去甲型H1N1流感流行的国家旅游。 “出境旅游的市民,应尽量避免去美国、墨西哥、韩国和日本等甲型H1N1流感流行的国家。”昨天下午,市疾控中心工作人员提醒出境旅游市民,出发前,应准备好口罩、纸巾、体温计和速干型手消毒剂。 …
Reminded the public that the city of CDC: Influenza selective out-endemic countries
Yesterday, the city of CDC experts reminded the public of leisure, entertainment, shopping, travel at the same time, it is necessary to tension and the prevention of influenza A H1N1 influenza in this string, as far as possible to avoid the H1N1 Type A influenza epidemic of National Tourism. "People traveling abroad should be avoided as far as possible to the United States, Mexico, South Korea and Japan, H1N1 Type A influenza endemic countries." Yesterday afternoon, the city of CDC staff to remind people of outbound tourism, pre-departure should be ready to face masks, paper towels , thermometer, and dry-type hand disinfectant. …
May 28, 2009

威海对13起流行病学调查 未发现H1N1流感病例
本报讯(记者 张丽华)昨天记者从市卫生局了解到,自5月2日我市开展第一例甲型H1N1流感可疑病例流行病学调查以来,全市共进行甲型H1N1流感可疑发热病人流行病学调查13起,未发现甲型H1N1流感病例。 据市疾病预防控制中心工作人员介绍,自全球暴发甲型H1N1流感以来,我市卫生、检验检疫、空港口岸等部门全面启动各项防控措施,取得了阶段性 …
Weihai epidemiological survey of 13 found no cases of H1N1 influenza
By (Xinhua Zhang) yesterday from the Municipal Health Bureau that, since May 2 in our city to carry out the first suspected cases of influenza H1N1 influenza epidemiological investigation, the city conducted a total of suspected influenza H1N1 influenza epidemic fever patients 13 investigation found no cases of influenza H1N1 influenza. According to City Center for Disease Control and Prevention staff, since the global outbreak of influenza A H1N1 influenza, the city health, inspection and quarantine, air ports and other departments to start the comprehensive prevention and control measures, has achieved …
May 28, 2009

世卫组织流感大流行警告级别现阶段为5级,意味着甲型H1N1流感可能即将在全球范围内暴发。 纽约市26日证实,又有两人死于甲型H1N1流感。这使纽约市死于该流感的人数达到4人。纽约市卫生局长说,一名死者为居住在皇后区的41岁女子,另一人是居住在布鲁克林区的34岁男子。目前还无法确定两人的死亡是否与身体其他疾病有关。 …
Influenza deaths worldwide per cent of people
WHO warned that an influenza pandemic at this stage for the five-level, means that the Type A H1N1 influenza may be imminent outbreak of a global scale. New York City confirmed on the 26th, another two died from H1N1 Type A influenza. This makes New York City, the number of people died from the flu to 4 people. New York City Health Secretary said that the deceased was living in a Queens of the 41-year-old woman, and the other person is living in Brooklyn 34-year-old man. Is still unable to determine whether the death of two other diseases of the body. …
May 28, 2009

DOH reports 4 new confirmed cases of H1N1
However, it assured the public that the pandemic preparedness and response plan is in place and that it has expanded its referral hospitals to all DOH …
May 28, 2009

Canada’s swine flu cases exceed 1000
The WHO’s pandemic alert stands at Phase 5, meaning a global outbreak is imminent. Officials are looking for signs the disease has become established in a …
May 28, 2009

Respect flu, but don’t fear it
Fears about a possible worldwide pandemic have eased considerably since the first swine flu deaths were reported in Mexico five weeks ago. …
May 28, 2009
Asbury Park Press

28/05/2009WHO reconsiders having declared swine flu a pandemic
As swine flu cases near 13000, the World Health Organisation is asking if it declared the outbreak a pandemic too soon. Mexico City — Mexico reported two …
May 28, 2009
Expatica Germany

Official swine flu figures are just ‘tip of the iceberg’, warn …
This is what happened in the 1918 pandemic and scientists are looking carefully to detect any changes. Most experts agree – it is only a matter of time. …
May 28, 2009

Seed strains for swine flu vaccine sent out to pharmaceutical …
A spokesperson for GlaxoSmithKline, the company that holds Canada’s pandemic vaccine contract, said it has not yet received the seed strain. …
May 28, 2009
The Canadian Press

Australia locks down cruise ships as swine flu toll mounts
The UN health body has so far held off on moving up a step from the current phase five alert to declaring a pandemic. Meanwhile, online campaigners …
May 28, 2009
MSN Malaysia News

Gloabl swine flu deaths top 100
But the WHO has so far resisted declaring the disease a full-fledged pandemic. The outbreak has spread further in Asia, with Singapore confirming its first …
May 28, 2009

bird flu virus remains infectious up to 600 days in municipal …
Credit: People’s Republic of China Amid concerns about a pandemic of swine flu, researchers from Nebraska report for the first time that poultry carcasses …
May 28, 2009

More swine flu cases inevitable: Gallagher
But we are in the contained phase of the pandemic plan so it is about trying to restrict the spread of the illness. There are now about 70 confirmed cases …
May 28, 2009
ABC Online

$2.3 million grant positions UofL to take lead in pandemic planning
Through the projects, researchers will seek ways to more quickly detect a pandemic and share information with community leaders, such as mayors, …
May 28, 2009
U Of L News

Health dept details measures for swine flu prevention
A state influenza pandemic committee under the chairmanship of the chief secretary has been formed for monitoring the state plan of action on the pandemic. …
May 28, 2009

Wyoming confirms first swine flu case
The World Health Organization said the virus hadn’t yet reached the level of pandemic, or a global outbreak. Wyoming health officials expected swine flu to …
May 28, 2009

Flu Slowing in Most Parts of US; Vaccine Makers Get $1 Billion
The money, which had already been earmarked for pandemic flu and preparedness before the swine flu outbreak hit, will also be used to stockpile vaccine …
May 28, 2009 (press release)

Two new swine flu cases confirmed in New Jersey
The World Health Organization said the virus hadn’t yet reached the level of pandemic, or a global outbreak. AP contributed to this report.
May 28, 2009
The Star-Ledger –

講演会では、京都産業大学鳥インフルエンザ研究センターの大槻公一センター長が「鳥インフルエンザとパンデミック」と題して、新型インフルエンザと鳥インフルエンザの致死率の違いなどを説明。「鳥インフルエンザのウイルスが特効薬に耐性を持ちつつあるという報告も …
"The bird flu threat remains."
The lecture, the Director of Ootsuki Kimikazu Kyoto Sangyo University, Research Center for bird flu "pandemic and avian influenza" and entitled, and explain the difference between the fatality rate of bird flu and avian flu. "There are reports that have been resistant to a specific for the virus of bird flu …
May 28, 2009

Swine flu to hit one in five as virus continues to spread
But a Victorian Government spokesman said that, while the state’s pandemic plan included social-distancing measures such as bans on sporting events and …
May 28, 2009
Brisbane Times

Swine flu cases encourage precaution
“This situation has the potential to be the next pandemic,” said David Kimberlin, Professor of Pediatrics in the Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases. …
May 28, 2009
UAB Kaleidoscope

內地增至13例 社區爆發預案已定
衛生部27日公布《甲型H1N1流感流行病學調查和爆發疫情處理技術指南》,將疫情爆發定義為「14天內,出現2例及以上具有流行病學聯繫的甲型H1N1流感疑似和/或確診病例」。 衛生部要求,若發生爆發性疫情,首先要對病例個案、疫情現場進行調查,隨後進行標本採集與實驗室 …
Mainland to the outbreak of 13 cases of community-based plan has been scheduled for
Ministry of Health announced on the 27th "Type A H1N1 influenza epidemiological investigations, and technical guidelines to deal with the outbreak of the epidemic," the outbreak of the epidemic is defined as "within 14 days and above two cases occur epidemiology associated with influenza type H1N1 suspected and / or confirmed cases. " Ministry of Health requirements, if the outbreak of the epidemic occurred, the first case to case, the outbreak investigation at the scene, followed by specimen collection and laboratory …
May 28, 2009

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