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WHO may redefine pandemic alert phases …

Posted by pandemicinformation on 05/26/2009

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WHO may redefine pandemic alert phases
May 26, 2009 (CIDRAP News) – In response to concerns from various governments about the possible effects of declaring a full-scale influenza pandemic, …
May 27, 2009


WHO mulls pandemic threshold as swine flu cases near 13000
The WHO wants scientists to help clear up the criteria needed for declaring a pandemic as swine flu cases worldwide soared to nearly 13000 Tuesday, …
May 27, 2009
MSN Malaysia News

HRH Calls For Joint Efforts To Cope With Global Challenges
… also launching the Stockpile Phase of Asem Initiative for the Containment of pandemic Influenza co-sponsored by the Asia-Europe Foundation and Japan. …
May 27, 2009
Bru Direct

Qld Health’s swine flu handling ‘sloppy’
This is an issue of a pandemic – this is a killer, he said. Make no mistake about this – Queensland Health has a clear obligation to inform us of what is …
May 27, 2009
ABC Online

Swine flu ‘super infection’
… would develop into a full-blown pandemic, with a large proportion of otherwise healthy young adults contracting the infection and dying as a result. …
May 27, 2009
Brisbane Times

Mexican Secretary of State visits Laredo
Espinoza spoke at a luncheon about Mexico’s economic situation and how it has taken a toll after the recent pandemic of the swine flu.
May 27, 2009

Third case of swine flu confirmed in east of State
There have also been over 90 deaths from the virus in Mexico, Canada and the United States. The World Health Organisation pandemic alert remained at phase 5 …
May 27, 2009
Irish Times

… 人民醫院就診。25日江門市疾控中心檢測甲型H1N1流感核酸陽性。26日省疾控中心和廣州市疾控中心復核結果陽性。26日晚上,廣東省衛生廳組織專家組進行會診,按照甲型H1N1流感診療方案,根據患者的臨床表現、流行病學資料和實驗室檢測結果,診斷為甲型H1N1流感疑似病例。 …
Guangdong Jiangmen report a case of suspected cases of influenza H1N1 influenza
… People’s Hospital for treatment. Jiangmen City, on the 25th CDC influenza nucleic acid testing positive for influenza A H1N1. Province on the 26th Guangzhou CDC and the CDC to review the results positive. On the 26th evening, the Office of the Guangdong Provincial Health Organization expert group for consultation, in accordance with the Type A H1N1 influenza treatment program, according to the clinical manifestations of patients, epidemiological data and laboratory test results, diagnosis of suspected cases of influenza type H1N1. …
May 27, 2009

More research needed to develop successful swine flu vaccine: WHO
The WHO also said it would consult influenza experts before formally changing its criteria on when to declare a pandemic. The UN health agency has faced …
May 27, 2009

甲型H1N1流感已经蔓延至22个国家和地区,在流行性疾病肆虐的威胁下,不少投资者开始重新审视自己的投资保障,“我希望为家庭配置足够的保障后再考虑投资”、“健康保障到底多少才足够?”,我们近期收到了不少读者关注健康保障的资产配置困惑。在本期的投资圆桌,我们将邀请保险公司的理财顾问为读者解答关于“保障多少才算够”的困惑。 …
Coverage of the insurance policy can protect you worry?
Type A influenza H1N1 has spread to 22 countries and regions, the threat of epidemic diseases, many investors started to re-examine their own investment protection, "I hope for the adequate protection of the family and then consider investing in," " How much health insurance would be sufficient in the end? "We have recently received a lot of readers concerned about the health protection of the asset allocation confusion. Investment in the current round-table, we will be invited to the insurance company’s financial advisor for the reader to answer on "how much is enough to protect" the confusion. …
May 27, 2009

Companies receive HHS orders for novel flu vaccine
… Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) established with the companies in 2004 as part of the nation’s pandemic influenza strategy. …
May 27, 2009

Swine flu ‘spreading fast’ in Australia
The pandemic alert would not be raised from contain to sustain until the virus was so widespread that such measures as screening incoming sea and air …
May 27, 2009

Qatar gets swine flu testing kits
Dr al-Thani was speaking on the sidelines of a pandemic Crisis Management workshop organised by the College of the North Atlantic-Qatar yesterday. …
May 27, 2009
Gulf Times

Moo-ve over BSE This is one pig of a disease
In a unique foray into public health, KTAB News has created a brochure about the imminent pandemic threat of swine flu for you to download, print out and …
May 27, 2009
KTAB News (satire)

Feds get ball rolling on swine flu vaccine
… work and are safe —- and to place initial orders with manufacturers for two vaccine ingredients for what HHS is calling a pre-pandemic stockpile. …
May 27, 2009
Atlanta Journal Constitution

Fighting Swine Flu with Simulations and Infrared Tech
Another technology finding use amid the Swine flu pandemic is infrared imaging. One company, Mississauga, Ont.-based Fluke Corp. develops portable infrared …
May 27, 2009

Two Egyptian children have H5N1 bird flu: agency
… virus rarely infects people, but experts say they fear it could mutate into a form that humans could easily pass to one another, sparking a pandemic. …
May 27, 2009

Current stocks of Tamiflu can cover 20% of population, official says
We first stockpiled this much Tamiflu two years ago, when we stocked over one million tablets in a bid to combat possible outbreak of a bird flu virus …
May 27, 2009

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