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Swine Flu could Mutate into more Severe Form warns WHO …

Posted by pandemicinformation on 05/24/2009

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Swine Flu could Mutate into more Severe Form warns WHO
The WHO may declare a full pandemic for the H1N1 as it is being closely watched in the southern hemisphere. Chan told the WHO annual congress in Geneva that …
May 25, 2009
Best Syndication


Shionogi To Sell Newly Developed Flu Drug In Japan -Kyodo
The plan comes at a time when the new strain of H1N1 influenza is threatening to grow into a possible global pandemic. Another Japanese drugmaker, Daiichi …
May 25, 2009
Wall Street Journal

UN move against flu travel curbs hailed
… of worldwide tourism, was launched in 2006 as a response mechanism for the potential evolution of the H5N1 Avian and Human Influenza to a pandemic form. …
May 25, 2009
Peninsula On-line

Australia Swine Flu Cases to Rise, Chief Medical Officer Says
The government on May 22 updated its pandemic alert to “contain,” the third-highest level. The next level, “sustain,” means the virus is established and …
May 25, 2009

Woman is NYC’s second swine flu death
The World Health Organisation has issued a phase five Swine Influenza Virus (SIV) pandemic warning following the outbreak with positive reports of the virus …
May 25, 2009

Swine flu cases rise to 17
… officially reported 12022 cases of influenza A(H1N1) infection, including 86 deaths, and the World Health Organisation says a global pandemic is imminent.
May 25, 2009
Special Broadcasting Service

`Glove shortage’ raises flu fears for frontline workers
Cleaning workers are facing the greatest risk in the face of a possible flu pandemic and need more support and training to cope, unions say. …
May 25, 2009
The Standard

Vigilance key to tackling swine flu
The swine flu pandemic seems to be getting closer to our borders. Eighteen US soldiers who passed through neighbouring Kuwait have tested positive for the …
May 25, 2009

日立ソフト(日立ソフトウェアエンジニアリング)はパンデミック対策の一環として、自宅から企業へのリモートアクセス環境を提供する「secureonline在宅勤務サービス」に、ディスクレスPCを提供するサービスを6月1日に追加する。1年以上利用する場合の1台あたりの月額費用 …
Hitachi Software, 945 units per month per service telecommuting yen
Hitachi Software (日立SOFUTOUEAENJINIARINGU) pandemic as part of measures to provide remote access to corporate environments from home "secureonline service work at home", diskless PC to provide services to an additional day in June. If you use more than one year of a monthly cost per unit …
May 25, 2009

具体到本次甲型H1N1流感而言,健康教育和健康管理就是将流感疫情和防护知识交给公众,帮助公众从传染源,传播途径和易感人群三个环节充分认识到造成甲型H1N1流感流行的各种健康危险因素,帮助公众改变不健康的生活方式和习惯,如养成勤洗手、不扎堆,咳嗽和打喷嚏用纸巾捂住等预防呼吸道传染病的健康习惯。 哲人说:“尽可能在一切问题上都 …
Rational in a crisis the growth of the Institute
Specific to the H1N1 Type A influenza, the health education and health management is the knowledge of the influenza epidemic and protection to the public, help the public from the source of infection, route of transmission and the susceptible population is fully aware of the three links caused by Type A H1N1 influenza prevalence of various health risk factors to help the public to change unhealthy lifestyles and habits, such as washing hands frequently to develop, not扎堆, coughing and sneezing, cover your tissue paper to prevent respiratory infectious diseases, such as health habits. Philosopher said: "as far as possible, all issues …
May 25, 2009

Swine flu threat, key focus
Through wide scale discussions and negotiations, and compromise, the delegations have come a long way forward to address the contentious issues in pandemic …
May 25, 2009
Ceylon Daily News

H1N1 update: Grand County prepares for second outbreak this fall
Preparing for pandemic flu since 2006, Grand County Public Health took advantage of the H1N1 outbreak to test its procedures. “As soon as we got the alert …
May 25, 2009
Sky Hi Daily News

In pandemics of the past, caution for the future
And a far more virulent strain of bird flu is circulating in the world but currently is not transmissible among humans. Public health officials will be …
May 25, 2009

Descartan expertos decesos por influenza humana en Chile
Explicó que cuando hace años se hizo el plan de contingencia frente a una pandemia, se planificó para una epidemia que iba a tener una tasa de ataque de un …
Experts rule out human deaths from influenza in Chile
He explained that years ago when there was a contingency plan against a pandemic, we planned for an epidemic that would have an attack rate of one …
May 25, 2009
SDP Noticias

FEBBRE SUINA/ Aumentano a 18 i contagiati della caserma spagnola
Il ministero afferma che i responsabili della Sanita’ Militare hanno applicato il protocollo Oms per il contenimento della pandemia. …
SWINE FEVER / 18 Rise of the infected barracks Spanish
The ministry says that those responsible for the Sanita ‘Military have applied the WHO protocol for the containment of the pandemic. …
May 25, 2009

DPHSS team educates public on swine flu
The team is an integral part of the Guam pandemic Influenza Plan in providing educational workshops and resources that enable the public to play an active …
May 25, 2009
Pacific Daily News

Department of Health confirms 2nd flu case
The WHO is poised to declare a full pandemic of the A(H1N1) flu virus. WHO chief Dr. Margaret Chan said on Friday the world had to be ready for the new …
May 25, 2009
Philippine Star

卫生部将结合患者流行病学史、临床表现和复核检测结果,组织专家尽快明确诊断。卫生部已派出2名临床专家现场指导患者救治工作。 据浙江省卫生部门介绍,浙江首例输入性甲型H1N1流感疑似病例病情明显好转。目前,浙江这例患者正在温州市第二人民医院接受隔离治疗,体温正常,咳嗽、咽痛等症状明显减轻,精神状况良好。 …
Beijing, Shanghai, Fujian, Zhejiang full well the treatment of influenza infections
Patients with the Ministry of Health in conjunction with epidemiological history, clinical manifestations and review of test results, the organization of expert diagnosis as soon as possible. The Ministry of Health has dispatched two experts at the scene to guide the clinical treatment of patients. According to the health sector in Zhejiang Province, the Zhejiang imported the first suspected cases of influenza H1N1 Type A marked improvement in the disease. At present, the patients in Zhejiang Province which is the second People’s Hospital of Wenzhou treated in isolation, the normal body temperature, cough, pharyngodynia significantly reduce the symptoms of mental condition. …
May 25, 2009


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