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WHO、日本での感染拡大に強い関心 …

Posted by pandemicinformation on 05/18/2009

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もし経路が特定できないような感染が多く確認されれば、「フェーズ6」に引き上げる可能性も十分にあるとして、日本側から詳しい疫学調査の報告を受け、分析を続けている。 「フェーズ6」は世界的大流行(パンデミック)が今まさに起きていることを示すが、WHOは、 …
WHO, the spread in interest in Japan
If it is confirmed that many can not identify the infection route, if "Phase 6" as there is a good chance to raise, receive detailed reports from epidemiological surveys in Japan have been analyzed. "Phase 6" is a world epidemic (pandemic) that indicate what is happening right now is, WHO, …
May 19, 2009


南部縣疾控中心立即向有關部門報告了這一重大“疫情”,南部縣人民醫院立即准備病房,准備進行流行病學調查、隔離醫學觀察和對其家庭落實消毒等一系列措施,准備迎接這位疑似“病人”。 然而,正當該縣疾控中心工作人員緊鑼密鼓地開展准備工作時,范某的手機卻關機了。 …
Sichuan, a false man arrested 10 days influenza epidemic
Southern prefectures CDC report immediately to the relevant departments of the major "epidemic", People’s Hospital immediately prepared southern prefectures wards, preparing for epidemiological investigation, isolation and medical observation disinfect their families, such as the implementation of a series of measures, quasi – prepared to meet the suspected "patients." However, while the county CDC staff to carry out preparatory work in full swing when the phone is范某turn off the computer. …
May 19, 2009

卫生部专家组将综合患者流行病学史、临床表现和复核检测结果,尽快明确诊断。 山东省卫生厅昨天晚上通报,截至昨天晚上10点35分,在山东被隔离观察的、与患者吕某某密切接触的D41次列车7号车厢的人员已经解除医学观察。患者吕某某已经治愈康复,符合出院条件,将在今天上午康复出院。 据济南市疾控中心主任张济介绍,与吕某某同车厢的 …
Report a case of Guangdong imported alpha suspected cases of influenza H1N1;
Patients with the Ministry of Health expert group will be integrated epidemiological history, clinical manifestations and review of test results, a clear diagnosis as soon as possible. Health Department of Shandong Province briefing last night, as of yesterday, 22:35, in Shandong have been isolated for observation and close contact with patients吕某某the D41 train compartment on the 7th of the staff had been lifted medical observation. Patients have been cured吕某某rehabilitation, in line with the discharge conditions, will be discharged this morning. Jinan City, according to Zhang Ji, director of CDC, the吕某某with the car and …
May 19, 2009

New vaccine strategy might offer protection against pandemic …
Some researchers advocate adding these strains to the annual flu vaccine. They might not match the next pandemic flu strain exactly, but could provide some …
May 19, 2009
Biology News Net (press release)

Priorities for Kirk
Scotland, and the world as a whole, is facing the possibility of a global flu pandemic that may have serious consequences for mankind. …
May 19, 2009

Canada lifts travel advisory to Mexico
Or it could mix with bird flu, which is more deadly but less easily passed between humans. Chan announced her decision despite calls from Britain, …
May 19, 2009

Don’t worry: ‘Panicology’ is the antidote for a panic-stricken world
bird flu has yet to claim a single human victim in Europe or the Americas , and has killed fewer than 300 people worldwide. Though the panic level was 5, …
May 19, 2009
USA Today

Talks plot strategy for swine flu battle
Sanofi-Aventis has long reserved capacity to manufacture a pandemic flu vaccine for Australia, France and Italy. GSK, which has similar deals with other …
May 19, 2009

WHO eyes pandemic alert as virus spreads
The number of swine flu cases soared in Japan on Monday and a teacher in New York became the city’s first fatality linked to the virus, increasing the …
May 19, 2009

А(H1N1), или Свиньи – это не только мясо и сало…
6 Фаза – это уже пандемия. Но вот прошло немного времени, и свиньи нам вроде как снова друзья, и окружающие люди не враги. На сайте Всемирной организации здравоохранения (ВОЗ) читаем: «Грипп А(H1N1), прежде имеющий название свиной грипп является крайне инфекционным острым респираторным …
A (H1N1), or pigs – it is not only meat and fat …
Phase 6 – it is a pandemic. But little time has passed, and pigs, we seem once again friends and surrounding people are not enemies. On the site the World Health Organization (WHO), we read: «Influenza A (H1N1), particularly with the name of pork-flu is a highly infectious acute respiratory …
May 19, 2009

Nations urge WHO to change criteria for pandemic
WHO chief Chan noted that the disease could combine with other flu strains, including the lethal H5N1 bird flu virus which hasn’t spread much among humans. …
May 19, 2009
The Associated Press

Egypt criticized for ‘inhumane’ killing of pigs
It was criticized for not taking enough precautions when bird flu first appeared in Asia in 2003 and ended up killing over two dozen people in the country. …
May 19, 2009
The Associated Press

Zero duty on maize, vaccines to help reduce poultry prices
In order to deal with bird flu, an umbrella project titled “National Programme for Control and Prevention of Avian Influenza” amounting to Rs.1180.148 …
May 19, 2009
The Nation, Pakistan

Новый грипп придет в Россию осенью
Вместе с тем в Южном полушарии пандемия распадается на отдельные очаги в разных странах. Мексика, например, столкнулась с первой волной пандемии, вторую, предположительно, лишь будущей осенью и зимой, следует ожидать в Европе и России и, вероятно, в странах Юго-Восточной Азии. Ученый отметил, …
New influenza in Russia will fall
However, in the southern hemisphere pandemic breaks up into separate pockets in different countries. Mexico, for example, faced with the first wave of a pandemic, the second, presumably, the future only in autumn and winter, to be expected in Europe and Russia, and probably in Southeast Asia. Scientist said …
May 19, 2009
Наука и Жизнь

ВОЗ просят не повышать уровень опасности пандемии свиного гриппа до наивысшего
Как известно, на данном этапе опасности пандемии присвоен пятый уровень – пандемия неизбежна. В понедельник, 18 мая, первый случай заражения вирусом А/H1N1 был зафиксирован в Греции. Достаточно серьезная вспышка заболевания наблюдается в Японии, где были закрыты несколько сотен школ. …
WHO has asked not to raise the risk of pandemic influenza to the highest pig
As you know, at this stage, the risk of a pandemic has been the fifth level – the pandemic is inevitable. On Monday, May 18, the first case of A/H1N1 virus infection was reported in Greece. Just a serious outbreak occurs in Japan, which had been closed several hundred schools. …
May 19, 2009

Pacientes crônicos e grávidas têm risco maior com gripe, diz OMS
O mundo de hoje é mais vulnerável aos efeitos adversos de uma pandemia de influenza do que o era em 1968, quando começou a última pandemia do século …
Chronic patients and pregnant women have increased risk with flu, says WHO
The world today is more vulnerable to the adverse effects of an influenza pandemic than it was in 1968 when he started the last pandemic of the century …
May 19, 2009
Reuters Brasil

Poor countries ‘far from ready’ for flu pandemic
By Laura MacInnis GENEVA, May 18 (Reuters) – Africa is far from being ready for a pandemic of H1N1 flu, and developing countries in Asia and Latin America …
May 19, 2009

Berna quer combate flexível à gripe suína
(Reuters) O governo suíço pede maior flexibilidade na declaração do alerta máximo de pandemia diante do avanço da gripe suína. …
Berne and flexible combat the swine flu
(Reuters) The Swiss government seeks more flexibility in the declaration of pandemic alert than before the advance of swine flu. …
May 19, 2009

pandemic flu forum scheduled at Macon State College
By Liz Fabian – The Bibb County pandemic Influenza Planning Committee is hosting a forum Tuesday night at Macon State College. …
May 19, 2009
Macon Telegraph


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