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Confirma Egipto nuevo caso de gripe aviar (EN : Egypt confirms new case of bird flu)…

Posted by pandemicinformation on 05/14/2009

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Confirma Egipto nuevo caso de gripe aviar
… una combinación con el nuevo virus de la influenza humana H1N1, que de darse podría provocar una pandemia y la muerte de miles de millones de personas.
Egypt confirms new case of bird flu
… combination with a new human influenza virus H1N1, which could occur and cause a pandemic killing millions of people.
May 15, 2009
NTR Zacatecas .com


Good News! Your Nose Is Too Cold For Avian Flu.
A new study released today should quell bird flu panic, or at least calm it down a bit. Turns out that avian flu viruses have a really tough time staying …
May 15, 2009

WHO meets on production of swine flu vaccine
According to the global body’s pandemic alert level, the world is at phase 5 — out of a possible 6 — meaning that a global outbreak is imminent. …
May 15, 2009
The Associated Press

Human nose too cold for bird flu, says new study
The authors of the study, from Imperial College London and the University of North Carolina, say this may be one of the reasons why bird flu viruses do not …
May 15, 2009
EurekAlert (press release)

演練內容包括疫情收集報告、現場流行病學調查、病人採樣送檢、疫源地消毒等。新華社發(戴文學攝) 5月13日,山西省運城市舉行防控甲型H1N1流感應急演練,通過發熱門診對“疑似患者”接診、專家會診、流行病學調查、救治處理、消毒以及應急隔離等環節處置,以提高運城市各部門 …
H1N1 influenza prevention and control throughout the positive influenza A (Photo)
Exercise will include the collection of the report of the outbreak, epidemiological investigations at the scene, the patient sample inspection, disinfection, such as foci. Xinhua News Agency issued (Dai Literature photo) May 13, held in Yuncheng City, Shanxi Province H1N1 Type A influenza prevention and control of emergency response exercises, through fever clinics for "patients with suspected" reception, expert consultation, epidemiological investigation, treatment treatment, disinfection and emergency isolation and other aspects of the disposal to improve the urban transport sector …
May 15, 2009

美國會眾院通過法案 將撥967億美元軍費
眾議員以368票對60票的懸殊比數通過這項法案,其中也包括準備用來對抗流感大流行的20億美元經費。 參議院撥款委員會今天也通過金額913億美元的參院版法案,在參院全院表決通過後,兩院將就各自版本的法案進行協商,將最後確定版本送交總統歐巴馬。(譯者:林治平)980515.
United States House of Representatives passed the bill will be 96.7 billion U.S. dollars will be allocated to military spending
368 in the House of Representatives votes to 60 the number of the poor than the passage of the bill, including preparations for the fight against influenza pandemic funding for two billion U.S. dollars. Senate Appropriations Committee today the amount of 91.3 billion U.S. dollars through the Senate version of the bill, a full-house in the Senate vote, the House of Representatives version of the bill on their consultations, to determine the final version will be sent to President Obama. (Translator: Zhi-Ping Lin) 980515.
May 15, 2009
eTaiwan News

Flu’s impact on Mexican holidays ‘short-lived’
Once this is lifted, Thomas Cook claimed demand was likely to recover rapidly in the same way it did after the bird flu and Sars scares. on full summer …
May 15, 2009

Can ‘Universal’ Flu Drug Stop Swine Flu?
The discovery — made almost accidentally while searching for a way to neutralize the H5N1 bird flu — was that all type A flu bugs have a shared … 15, 2009

“流感大流行一旦开始,本澳受到侵袭的几率是百分之百,估计较可能在数周时间内抵达。”而澳门一旦出现确诊的甲型H1N1流感病例,戒备级别将提高至最高级别第六级。 澳门新闻局与有关卫生部门并未发出正式预测消息。官方消息称,卫生局向预防应变统筹小组汇报后,小组决定维持第4级别,澳门的防疫设施和药物足够。有医疗人士解释,第4级别意味 …
Macao to maintain a flow Alert Level 4
"Once a pandemic influenza, the Australian’s chances of being hit is 100%, it is estimated that in the next few weeks are more likely to arrive in time." Macau Once confirmed cases of influenza A H1N1 influenza, the alert level will be increased to the highest level of the sixth grade. Macau Government Information Office with the health department did not issue a formal forecast information. Official sources said the Health Department to report on the prevention of emergency co-ordination team, the group decided to maintain the No. 4 level and Macao adequate facilities and drugs prevention. There are medical people to explain, 4 level means that …
May 15, 2009

Government committed to improve health situation –
He said despite the epidemics of SARS, mad cow disease, bird flu and recently the swine flu it was an objective of government to ensure that filth and waste …
May 15, 2009
Modern Ghana

The A H1N1 pandemic: Pig to Human Transmission of the Swine Flu?
A global campaign of fear and insecurity was unleashed following the WHO April 28 announcement of a phase pandemic. The decision of the WHO, which was taken …
May 15, 2009
Center for Research on Globalization

Ministra propõe sistema de vigilância de saúde pública
A criação de um sistema de vigilância que permita monitorizar o estado da saúde da população e definir um plano de contingência em situações de pandemia foi …
Minister proposes monitoring system health
The creation of a surveillance system that allows monitoring the health status of the population and establish a contingency plan in case of a pandemic was …
May 15, 2009
Diário Digital

HEALTH: China Battling to Contain Swine Flu
China’s main worry is that its vast territory where many regions have regular bouts of bird flu could emerge as a breeding ground of a new strain of virus …
May 15, 2009
Inter Press Service

WHO-Jahrestagung um fünf Tage gekürzt
Dabei dürfte es nach WHO-Angaben neben der Verhinderung einer pandemie, also einer weltweiten Ausbreitung, vor allem um die Eindämmung der Infektionen in …
WHO’s annual meeting to five days reduced
This should make it according to the WHO figures besides the prevention of a pandemic, that is a worldwide spread, particularly to the containment of infections in …
May 15, 2009
Bieler Tagblatt

Vazio legal no internamento compulsivo
Face a uma pandemia, o Governo só pode decretar a quarentena ou o internamento compulsivo se declarar o estado de calamidade. …
Legal vacuum in internment compulsory
Faced with a pandemic, the Government may order the quarantine or compulsory internment is declare a state of calamity. …
May 15, 2009
Rádio Renascença

El PP pide al Gobierno que negocie con la industria farmacéutica …
… el PP ha solicitado una actualización de forma urgente del Plan Nacional de Preparación y Respuesta ante una pandemia de Gripe, que fue retocado por …
The PP asks the Government to negotiate with the pharmaceutical industry …
… PP has requested an urgent update of the National Preparedness and Response to an Influenza Pandemic, which was refined by …
May 15, 2009
Europa Press

Alan García promueve el consumo de cerdo y pide a la población no …
“Mal llamada gripe porcina, esta amenaza, esta pandemia ha originado una reducción en el consumo y un sacrificio innecesario de ganancia y activos de la …
Alan García promotes the consumption of pork and asked people not …
"Mal called swine flu, the threat, the pandemic has led to a reduction in consumption and an unnecessary sacrifice of profits and assets of the …
May 15, 2009

Influenza, studio inglese: igiene bambini miglior antivirus
… per contenere il virus che, fino a questo momento, ha raggiunto 33 paesi, uccidendo almeno 65 persone e scatenando nel mondo il terrore di una pandemia. …
Influenza, study English: children’s health best antivirus
… to contain the virus that, to date, has reached 33 countries, killing at least 65 people and causing terror in the world of a pandemic. …
May 15, 2009
Reuters Italia

Nuovo virus: vaccino forse tardivo
(ANSA) – ROMA, 14 MAG – Il vaccino contro la nuova influenza, che potrebbe di nuovo colpire nei prossimi mesi sotto forma di pandemia,potrebbe arrivare …
New virus: vaccine maybe late
(ANSA) – ROMA, 14 MAG – The new vaccine against influenza, which could strike again in the coming months in the form of a pandemic, it could get …
May 15, 2009

Gripe suína: acordo sobre patente da vacina é negociado
São Paulo – Pressionados pelo Brasil, por outros países e pela possibilidade de pandemia de gripe suína, Estados Unidos e Europa sinalizaram em negociação …
Swine flu: the vaccine patent agreement is negotiated
São Paulo – Pressured by Brazil, other countries and the possibility of a pandemic of swine flu, the United States and Europe signaled in trading …
May 15, 2009

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