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La grippe A (H1N1): une erreur humaine?(EN: Influenza A (H1N1): a human error?) …

Posted by pandemicinformation on 05/13/2009

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La grippe A (H1N1): une erreur humaine?
Adrian Gibbs, 75 ans, soutient qu’il prévoyait publier un rapport montrant que cette pandémie de grippe aurait possiblement évolué dans des oeufs utilisés …
Influenza A (H1N1): a human error?
Adrian Gibbs, 75, argues that it planned to publish a report showing that the influenza pandemic would have possibly evolved in eggs used …
May 14, 2009


卫生部专家组根据疑似患者的临床表现、流行病学调查结果和实验室检测结果,判定该病例为甲型H1N1流感确诊病例。 目前,患者吕某某临床症状缓解,精神状态良好,体温36℃,无头痛、咽痛、咳嗽、咳痰等症状,除食欲欠佳和咽部充血外,未见其他异常。 患者吕某某,男,19岁,目前就读加拿大某大学。5月7日12时(加拿大时间)患者乘AC029A航班从 …
China has four cases of confirmed influenza cases
Ministry of Health Expert Group on the basis of clinical manifestations in patients with suspected, epidemiological findings and laboratory test results to determine the type case for confirmed cases of influenza H1N1. At present, patients with clinical symptoms吕某某, good state of mind, body temperature of 36 ℃, no headache, pharyngodynia, cough, sputum and other symptoms, in addition to poor appetite and pharyngeal hyperemia, the no other abnormalities.吕某某patients, male, 19 years old, currently attending a university in Canada. At 12 o’clock on May 7 (Canada time) in patients with AC029A by flight from …
May 14, 2009

近年来,人畜共患传染病疫情有所抬头,种类逐渐增多,禽流感、甲型H1N1流感、口蹄疫、狂犬病以及猪链球菌病等人畜共患传染病的暴发流行已严重威胁人民群众的身体健康和生命安全,对经济发展和社会稳定造成不利影响。 市卫生局与市农委将建立例会制度,每季度召开一次,通报疫情和防治工作情况。对工作中出现的问题进行协商解决,并定期开展 …
The two departments jointly combat zoonotic diseases
In recent years, has been the rise of zoonotic diseases, the increasing types of avian flu, H1N1 Type A influenza, foot and mouth disease, rabies and zoonotic diseases such as Streptococcus suis outbreak of infectious diseases has been a serious threat to the health of the people and safety, economic development and adversely affect social stability.市农委City Health Bureau and the system will establish a regular meeting, held once every quarter to inform the work of the epidemic and control. Appears to work to resolve issues, and regularly carry out …
May 14, 2009

Gallipoli took 2700 New Zealand lives
Setting aside the 1918 flu pandemic, 270 deaths puts it slightly above our worst civilian disasters, Erebus and the 1931 Hawke’s Bay earthquake. So both. …
May 14, 2009
Gisborne Herald

Warning on overuse of swine flu drugs
… mutate into something more dangerous – perhaps by combining with the more deadly but less easily spread bird flu virus circulating in Asia and Africa. …
May 14, 2009

Gov’t ensuring employers are pandemic prepared
… but it says this is part of its ongoing emergency preparedness work to ensure a co-ordinated response to any potential future influenza pandemic.(sb/bp)
May 14, 2009

Flu vigil ‘vital’
He said the country had learned from previous threats associated with Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (Sars) and bird flu. Having these three threats in …
May 14, 2009
Gulf Daily News

Govt urges hotel owners to be on swine flu alert
However, Kaboyo said the Termiflu drugs, which the Government had stocked for bird flu in 2007, could treat over 1000 people if the virus attacked Uganda. …
May 14, 2009
New Vision

=DJ US Hog, Pork Rally To Continue But Won”t Reach Yr-Ago Levels
… on by US and world health organizations because the virus that causes it contains a reassortment of genetic material from swine, human and bird flu. …
May 14, 2009
Agriculture Online

Drug stocks for H1Ni ‘adequate’ for moment
Thailand resorted to oseltamivir aggressively when previously treating suspected and confirmed cases of bird flu but experienced an increase in drug …
May 14, 2009
Bangkok Post

Over 6000 Confirmed Swine Flu Cases Reported
… mutate into something more dangerous, perhaps by combining with the more deadly but less easily spread bird flu virus circulating in Asia and Africa. …
May 14, 2009

Governo apresenta plano de controle da gripe A
A Secretaria da Saúde do Estado (Sesab) apresentou, nesta quarta-feira (13), o Plano Estadual de Enfrentamento da pandemia de Influenza A (H1N1 ou gripe …
Government presents plan for control of influenza A
The Secretary of Health of the State (SESAB) presented in this Wednesday (13), the State Plan to Combat the Pandemic of Influenza A (H1N1 or influenza …
May 14, 2009
I Bahia

新流感港爆第二例 同機人返台
中央流行疫情指揮中心發言人施文儀說,香港這名患者四月廿九日到美國舊金山訪友,五月二日搭灰狗巴士到洛杉磯,五日再搭灰狗巴士到拉斯維加斯,六日出現症狀。 施文儀說,患者從舊金山返抵香港,在機場被攔下,坐在患者前、後三排的乘客也都留下,接受預防性投藥,返台的 …
The second explosion of new cases of influenza in Hong Kong who returned to Taiwan the same plane
A spokesman for Central Command epidemic Shih said that Hong Kong’s Eve day patients to the United States in April and friends in San Francisco, May 2 Greyhound bus ride to Los Angeles, on the 5th and then take Greyhound bus to Las Vegas, symptoms on the 6th. Shih said that the patients will return to Hong Kong from San Francisco, was stopped at the airport, sitting in patients before and after the three rows of passengers are left to receive preventive medication, returned to Taiwan’s …
May 14, 2009

Mainz und Nürnberg im Gleichschritt
Das wird aus meiner Sicht – ähnlich wie die Vogelgrippe – hochgespielt. Ich gehe davon aus, dass eine pandemie verhindert werden kann.
Mainz and Nuremberg in step
This is from my point of view – like the bird flu – high played. I assume that a pandemic can be prevented.,106888_regid,1_puid,1_pageid,18.html
May 14, 2009
Gießener Allgemeine

Casos suspeitos de gripe H1N1 vão a 37 no Brasil; 8 confirmados
Apesar disso, a OMS mantém seu nível de alerta em 5, numa escala de 1 a 6, sinalizando que uma pandemia é iminente, mas ainda não está ocorrendo. …
Suspected cases of avian H1N1 go to 37 in Brazil, 8 confirmed
Nevertheless, the WHO maintains its level of alert in 5 on a scale from 1 to 6, signaling that a pandemic is imminent, but is not yet occurring. …
May 14, 2009
O Globo

Salud dice que Andalucía puede afrontar una pandemia, pero admite …
… destacó hoy que la comunidad autónoma nunca ha estado en mejores condiciones para enfrentarse a una posible pandemia de la nueva gripe A/H1N1, …
Health says that Andalusia could face a pandemic, but admits …
… stressed today that the region has never been in a better position to tackle a possible pandemic of new influenza A/H1N1, …
May 14, 2009
Europa Press

Junta y farmacéuticos elaborarán un protocolo para la píldora …
… Pública y Participación ha expuesto el Plan de Vigilancia y Preparación ante una posible pandemia de Gripe y ha explicado la situación actual del brote. …
Board and pharmacists draw up a protocol for the pill …
… Public Participation Plan has outlined the monitoring and preparation for a possible influenza pandemic and has explained the current status of the outbreak. …
May 14, 2009

OMS investiga se vírus da gripe saiu de laboratório
A doutora disse que ainda não se pode detalhar se o novo vírus é muito perigoso, e que estão sendo feitas análises comparando com o causador da pandemia de …
WHO investigates whether flu virus came from lab
The doctor said he still can not clarify whether the new virus is very dangerous, and that analysis are compared with the cause of the pandemic of …,,OI3763387-EI188,00.html
May 14, 2009
Terra Brasil

Grippe: premiers résultats positifs, selon l’UE et l’Amérique latine
… la présidence tournante de l’UE, a mis en cause le rôle néfaste joué par les médias, accusés d’avoir exagéré le phénomène de la pandémie de grippe. …
Influenza: first positive results, according to the EU and Latin America
… the rotating EU presidency, has put into question the negative role played by the media, accused of having exaggerated the phenomenon of pandemic influenza. …
May 14, 2009

Bund will eigene Reserve an Grippemitteln
Berlin (Reuters) – Angesichts der Gefahr einer Grippe-pandemie befürchtet die Bundesregierung, dass die Vorräte der Länder an antiviralen Mitteln nicht …
Federal government wants its own reserve of flu funds
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Given the threat of a flu pandemic, the federal government fears that the stocks of the countries of antivirals is not …
May 14, 2009
Reuters Deutschland (Pressemitteilung)

Medicago est nommée entreprise en phase de démarrage de l’année …
Medicago met au point des vaccins à particules pseudo-virales visant une protection contre une pandémie de grippe H5N1; pour ce faire, elle fait appel à un …
Medicago is named in the development stage of the year …
Medicago is developing vaccines to pseudo-viral particles for protection against a pandemic influenza H5N1, for which purpose it uses a …
May 14, 2009
Canada NewsWire (press release)

Paraguay recibirá donación de medicamentos y tapabocas de la OMS
… el Ministerio de Salud Pública, en diferentes áreas de acción, para tomar las precauciones y medidas necesarias para enfrentar a la amenaza de pandemia. …
Paraguay will face mask donation of medicines and the WHO
… the Ministry of Public Health, in different areas of action to take precautions and measures necessary to address the pandemic threat. …
May 14, 2009
La Nación (Paraguay)


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