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WHO sees new flu not quite a pandemic yet …

Posted by pandemicinformation on 05/11/2009

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WHO sees new flu not quite a pandemic yet
Dr. Keiji Fukuda, acting WHO assistant director-general, also told a news briefing it was too early to say whether the swine flu virus would cause a …
May 12, 2009
Reuters UK


Mexican tourism could lose $4 bln from flu scare
… has caused 60 confirmed deaths, according to the World Health Organization, and has spread to several dozen countries, sparking fears of a pandemic. …
May 12, 2009

New flu not quite a pandemic yet: WHO
… Education Minister Alonso Lujambio said. Although there is no evidence to show masks protect people who have not been infected, many children wore them. …
May 12, 2009

CDC officials prepare for swine flu in the fall
… researchers argued in a new article in the journal Science, that the World Health Organization jumped the gun by raising the global pandemic alert level …
May 12, 2009
San Antonio Express

2 suspected flu cases isolated in Pune
The global health body has said that Influenza A, spread by the H1N1 virus, may affect two billion people worldwide if it becomes a pandemic. …
May 12, 2009
Daily News & Analysis

‘DNA vaccine’ facility unveiled
The firm said the new manufacturing technique was simple, fast and cheap – important for treating pandemic flu. The vaccines are designed to be taken orally …
May 12, 2009
BBC News

New flu spreads to China, kills 3rd man in US
… known as swine flu, has taken hold in communities outside the Americas, would prompt WHO Director-General Margaret Chan to declare a full pandemic. …
May 12, 2009
People’s Daily Online

Race for pandemic vaccine
By Andrew Jack in London A dozen pharmaceutical companies are preparing to produce a pandemic vaccine to protect against swine flu, which was first …
May 12, 2009
Financial Times

与四川确诊的我国内地首例甲型流感病例有密切接触 河南11名接触者全部找到
强化疫情监测报告,做好医疗救治、流行病学调查和实验室检测工作。要加强不明原因肺炎病例和流感样病例的监测,尤其要加强对有疫情发生地旅行史人员和病例密切接触者的监测。 此外,卫生厅要求各地要进一步检查落实医疗救治和疫情防控准备工作。各地要进一步加强和完善部门间和区域间的联防联控工作机制,确保有效协调、措施到位。 …
With the Mainland of China, Sichuan, the first case of confirmed influenza cases in Henan are in close contact all the 11 contacts to find
Strengthening disease monitoring report, do a good job in medical treatment, epidemiological investigation and laboratory testing. To strengthen the unexplained pneumonia cases and the monitoring of influenza-like cases, in particular, to strengthen its travel history of the outbreak and close contacts of cases to monitor. In addition, the Health Department called on all localities to further examine the implementation of medical treatment and epidemic prevention and control preparations. Around the need to further strengthen and improve inter-departmental and inter-regional mechanisms for joint prevention and control work to ensure the effective coordination of measures are in place. …
May 12, 2009

UK swine flu toll rises to 65
Speaking at a briefing last week, Sir Liam said that most of the experts he had spoken to believe that this is the start of a classic pandemic.
May 12, 2009
Healthcare Republic (press release)

New possible swine flu cases in Scotland to be investigated
… of the swine flu outbreak has found that the World Health Organisation was correct when it raised the alert over a potential global flu pandemic. …
May 12, 2009
The Herald

Ten new UK swine flu cases confirmed
… with swine flu. so backed up the decision of the World Health Organisation (WHO) to increase the pandemic threat level to five on a scale of one to six. …
May 12, 2009

India may join global hunt for H1N1 vaccine
… the health ministry, will decide whether India will actually try to develop a vaccine before the world is hit by the second wave of the H1N1 pandemic. …
May 12, 2009
Times of India

2009 Swine Flu More Transmissible Than Seasonal Flu
Explain to interested patients that this study found that the new influenza A H1N1 (swine) virus appears to be as severe as a previous pandemic strain and …
May 12, 2009
MedPage Today

Swine flu produces another error in Egypt
It has not escaped Egyptians’ notice that the government continues to struggle to contain the spread of bird flu (despite the killing of thousands of birds) …
May 12, 2009
Peninsula On-line

Mexican schools reopen; swine flu death toll rises
And a new study out Monday concludes that the potentially rapid spread of the virus justifies the World Health Organization’s global pandemic alert. …
May 12, 2009
Napa Valley Register

Ratio economica: Экономика чумы
Лучше всего изучена пандемия гриппа-испанки 1918-1919 гг. Эта эпидемия была одной из самых страшных в истории человечества: 20% населения планеты были заражены, 2,5-5% заболевших умерли, а всего болезнь унесла 50 млн человек (0,5-1% всего населения планеты). Лишь две другие пандемии превышают …
The best way to study the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918-1919. The epidemic was one of the worst in the history of humanity: 20% of the world’s population were infected, 2,5-5% patients died and all disease claimed 50 million people (0,5-1% of the total population). Only two other pandemics exceed …
May 12, 2009

3000 Chickens Culled In Southeastern Bangladesh
Dhaka, Bangladesh (AHN) – Some 3000 chickens were culled after bird flu was detected at a poultry farm in the country’s Southeastern Cox’s Bazar district …
May 12, 2009

New Diana Student Tests Positive for H1N1 Virus
A lot of the media, for once, did the right thing on this to alert everybody of what possible pandemic may be in the future., said Bill Webb, …
May 12, 2009

Flu pandemic talks set at the University of Arizona
A second UA event focusing on the mathematics of pandemic flu is scheduled for 1 pm on Thursday in room 501 of the Mathematics Building. …
May 12, 2009
Arizona Daily Star


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