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World Health Organization Raises Swine Flu pandemic Alert to Phase 5 …

Posted by pandemicinformation on 04/30/2009

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World Health Organization Raises Swine Flu pandemic Alert to Phase 5

Kathleen Sebelius, in her first day on the job as Health and Human Services Secretary, is overseeing 11 million doses of those drugs being shipped out to …
April 30, 2009


據了解,如果在該航班上發現體溫異常者,不僅該人要進行醫學排查,為了防止潛在的傳染風險,該人周邊旅客也會被要求暫時停留,進行流行病調查和醫學排查。周邊範圍暫定為該人士前三排位置和後三排位置。 記者昨天從上海市衛生局應急辦公室了解到,市衛生部門已專門安排了 …
The spread of swine influenza in Mexico since the first flight to the mainland arrived today
It is understood that if the flight was found in the abnormal body temperature, not only to the medical investigation, in order to prevent the potential risk of infection, the person will be asked to tourists around the temporary stay to carry out epidemiological investigations and the medical investigation. Peripheral areas are the first three tentative schedule for the location and position after the three rows. Reporter from the Shanghai Health Bureau yesterday, the emergency office that the city health department has arranged a special …
April 30, 2009

ВОЗ: надвигается пандемия свиного гриппа
Глава Всемирной организации здравоохранения Маргарет Чан сообщила в среду в Женеве о повышении уровня угрозы до 5 фазы из возможных 6. Она призвала все страны активизировать планы по борьбе с пандемией. Нынешний уровень опасности всего на одну фазу ниже, чем уровень пандемии, …
WHO: impend porcine influenza pandemic
The head of the World Health Organization Margaret Chan said on Wednesday in Geneva to raise the threat level to phase 5 of the possible 6. She called on all countries to step up plans to combat the pandemic. The current level of danger at one stage lower than the level of a pandemic …
April 30, 2009
Голос Америки

State Preps for Possible Swine Flu pandemic
The new strain of swine flu shares the same symptoms as the common flu and include fever, cough, nausea, trouble breathing and muscle aches among others. …
April 30, 2009
Centralia Chronicle

World health officials urge governments to prepare for pandemic
WASHINGTON — The global threat from the swine flu outbreak reached its highest level yet on Wednesday as the World Health Organization urged government, …
April 30, 2009
News & Observer

Australian pandemic plan ‘in full swing’
… and thermal scanners had been deployed to airports around the nation but would not be used until recommended by the nation’s chief medical officer. …
April 30, 2009
Brisbane Times

New Mexico sends two swine flu samples to CDC
… Organization has raised its alert level for the fast-spreading swine flu to 5, the second highest level, signaling a global pandemic could be imminent. …
April 30, 2009

Mexican boy visiting Texas 1st US swine flu death
We’ve been executing our pandemic flu plan ever since we got word of the initial cases, Perry said. The disaster declaration covers the whole state. …
April 30, 2009
Dallas Morning News

Indiana gets CDC shipment of antiviral drugs
As fears mounted that the swine flu virus could spark a global pandemic, state health officials awaited test results from the Centers for Disease Control …
April 30, 2009
Muncie Star Press

Swine flu outbreak: Queenslanders cleared
The World Health Organisation has warned that the new influenza strain, which is also believed to have infected patients in Canada and France, has pandemic …
April 30, 2009
Holbrook Chronicle

Fiji intensifies pandemic preparations following Phase 5 alert
Update: 11:20AM THE World Health Organisation has raised the swine influenza pandemic alert from Phase 4 to Phase 5. For all counties, including Fiji, …
April 30, 2009
Fiji Times

如果眼下猪流感疫情演变成一场全球范围流感大流行,美国将面临怎样场景?美联社28日报道,尽管流感疫情远没有发展到最严重阶段,但美国不同层面的政府或决策者早在3年多前已经设想出流感传播的最坏场景。 美专家说,一旦类似规模和严重程度的疫情暴发,美国将有大约30%人口、约合9000万人患病,近1000万必须入院治疗,其中近150万需要加护治疗,75万 …
Two million people died? U.S. flu outbreak simulation
If the swine flu epidemic at the moment turned into a global influenza pandemic, the United States will face what scenes? Associated Press reported on the 28th, although the influenza epidemic is far from the most serious stage of development, but the United States at different levels of government or policy-makers as early as 3 more than a year ago, the idea of the worst scenes of the spread of influenza. U.S. experts said that once a similar scale and severity of the outbreak, the United States will have about 30% of the population, or about 90 million people get sick, nearly 10 million require hospitalization, of which nearly 150 million persons in need of intensive care treatment, 750,000 .. .,4345048126263419613,15383793119954998092,10512233685770798359,0&server=
April 30, 2009

France calls for EU flights ban after first swine flu death …
Egypt was hit hard by bird flu and the administration appears to want to avoid a panic by destroying pigs mostly raised by the Muslim country’s Christian …
April 30, 2009

Asean unites to fight flu
Asean health ministers previously collaborated closely when Southeast Asia was hit by bird flu and Sars. Thailand has 50000 cases of ordinary seasonal …
April 30, 2009
Bangkok Post

Britain confirms three new swine flu cases
… stockpiles of Roche’s Tamiflu and GlaxoSmithKline’s inhaled antiviral Relenza, following earlier fears of a pandemic triggered by bird flu. Continued…
April 30, 2009

Pakistan, US to develop agriculture in Afghanistan
Facilities need to be developed to handle highly dangerous strains of microbes such as bird flu virus, SARS virus, Congo virus, anthrax bacteria etc with US …
April 30, 2009
The News International

TABB Group Advises Firms Avoid pandemic Panic, Offers 9-Step Plan …
Alex Tabb is an expert in international affairs, with specialization in the developing world, crisis management, international security, supply chain …
April 30, 2009
MarketWatch (press release)

Informatics Corporation of America Solution Ideal for pandemic …
This focus on driving clinical value can be applied across multiple areas, from managing a primary care home to bio-surveillance for pandemics. …
April 30, 2009
MarketWatch (press release)


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