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剛果(金)年逾18萬人死於瘧疾 …

Posted by pandemicinformation on 04/24/2009

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<Today’s special>

… 的費用為6美元至11美元,營利性機構為21美元,超出普通百姓的承受能力。阿圖阿呼籲政府進一步加強瘧疾防治工作,為治療提供更多幫助。 瘧疾是一種由瘧原蟲引起、通過蚊蟲傳播的傳染病,主要在非洲、南亞、東南亞及南美北部等地區流行,其中非洲的疫情最為嚴重。
Congo (Kinshasa) per year more than 180,000 people die from malaria
Congo (Kinshasa) in per capita GDP of only 157 U.S. dollars, and in Kinshasa, a non-profit organization a course of treatment of malaria cost of 6-11 U.S. dollars, profit-making institutions to 21 U.S. dollars, exceeding the carrying capacity of ordinary people . Ah Arthur calls on the Government to further strengthen malaria prevention and control work, to provide more help for the treatment. Malaria is a parasite caused by mosquito-borne diseases, mainly in Africa, South Asia, Southeast Asia and South America and other regions north of pop, of which the most serious epidemic in Africa.,10943345268269143852,285292658051338266,10943345268269143852,0&server=
April 24, 2009

<Today’s special>
Seven people in US hit by strange new swine flu

Surveillance for and scrutiny of influenza has been stepped up since 2003, when H5N1 bird flu reappeared in Asia. Experts fear this strain, …
April 24, 2009
The Sun Daily

<Today’s special>

… 的費用為6美元至11美元,營利性機構為21美元,超出普通百姓的承受能力。阿圖阿呼籲政府進一步加強瘧疾防治工作,為治療提供更多幫助。 瘧疾是一種由瘧原蟲引起、通過蚊蟲傳播的傳染病,主要在非洲、南亞、東南亞及南美北部等地區流行,其中非洲的疫情最為嚴重。
Health officials on watch after mystery Mexican outbreak

The government’s pandemic surveillance alert has also been increased to a state of high vigilance, but Ottawa has not as yet issued a travel ban to Mexico. …
April 24, 2009
Calgary Herald


FACTBOX: New flu strain is a genetic mix
Notable exceptions include the H1N1 strain that caused the 1918 pandemic and H5N1 bird flu, which has killed 257 out of 421 infected in 15 countries since …
April 24, 2009

NAMA must handle the toxic loans with care
Every home in the land has been blighted by the new pandemic. The issues involved, to paraphrase Bill Shankly, are not just a matter of life or death …
April 24, 2009
Irish Independent

Cornwall man treated for mystery illness in Ottawa
The government’s pandemic surveillance alert has been increased to a state of high vigilance. The federal government, however, has not as yet issued a …
April 24, 2009
Ottawa Citizen

新型インフルエンザ対策:全市町村に発熱外来 県が計画改定案 /山形
New flu: fever outpatient draft revised plan to every municipality in the Province / Yamagata
Revised plan, a pandemic (worldwide epidemic) anticipated from the early containment of avian flu country, and spread social and economic bankruptcy (insolvency) was moved to prevent the leg axis. May 7, seeking feedback from residents to (public comment), and drawing six. [Rin Naomi]
April 24, 2009

由于我国已经承诺在2012年消除麻疹,为提高人群对麻疹的免疫力,控制麻疹暴发流行,最终实现辽宁省消除麻疹的目标,辽宁省卫生厅决定在全省范围内开展麻疹疫苗强化免疫活动。 此次强化免疫接种对象有几类人群:8月龄到14周岁儿童;初高中、大中专和技校在校学生;45岁以下医务人员、外来务工人员、教师、饮服行业等集体单位的重点人群,均可 …
Focus groups free of charge starting next month are vaccinated against measles
Because China has committed to the elimination of measles in 2012, to increase the population immunity to measles, measles outbreak control, and ultimately the elimination of measles in Liaoning Province goals, Liaoning Provincial Health Department decided to conduct a province-wide immunization activities for measles vaccine. Strengthen the immunization target several kinds of people: 8-month-old children to 14 years of age; the beginning of high school, college and technical school students; the age of 45 medical personnel, migrant workers, teachers, industry饮服mass units focus groups, can …
April 24, 2009

Prenatal Flu Exposure Linked to Lower Intelligence Scores …
The men were born between 1967 and 1973; Norway was affected by Hong Kong flu during the global pandemic in late 1969 and early 1970. …
April 24, 2009
Modern Medicine

United States-bird flu vaccine.
Findings could help develop new tests to detect infection, as well as new tools to study H5N1 vaccines, researchers said. Findings by US Food and Drug …
April 24, 2009
Farming UK


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