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Swine flu cases in Calif. worry health officials …

Posted by pandemicinformation on 04/23/2009

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Swine flu cases in Calif. worry health officials
The pandemic never materialized, but thousands who got the shots filed injury claims, saying they suffered a paralyzing condition and other side effects …
April 22, 2009
The Associated Press

<Today’s special>
Imperial County Girl Infected With Swine Flu
We’ve all heard of bird flu… But swine flu?! Swine flu is when pigs get the flu, so it just happens to be a strain that is in pigs noramlly instead of …
April 23, 2009

<Today’s special>
UPDATE 1 – Egyptian woman dies of bird flu – MENA
CAIRO, April 22 (Reuters) – A 25-year-old Egyptian woman has died of the H5N1 bird flu virus, the 25th human fatality of the disease in Egypt, …
April 23, 2009


Dr Jeckell and Mr Hide
He was about as welcome as an outbreak of bird flu at a Norfolk turkey farm. He is convinced the locals are jealous of his wealth and flamboyant lifestyle. …
April 23, 2009
The Sun

FDA study: Protein might apply in containing bird flu virus
PB1-F2, a protein of the bird flu virus, might be a key target for attack by immune systems to prevent the spread of the virus, FDA scientists and their …
April 23, 2009

American Indian Nation Plans for a pandemic
… around the United States, are ramping up preparedness efforts in case of a pandemic, such as the bird flu, which infected hundreds in Hong Kong in 1997. …
April 23, 2009
Government Technology

China Instigates WTO Dispute Case against US Poultry Ban
In related news, just two days after filing their WTO complaint, China’s government-run news agency, Xinhua, confirmed a new outbreak of the H5N1 bird flu …
April 23, 2009
Bridges Weekly Trade News Digest

Vacunas y VPH: otras notas
He escrito en dos ocasiones acerca de una pandemia denominada Disease mongering – urdir, inventar o crear enfermedades –, atribuida a la publicidad de …
And HPV vaccines: other notes
I have written twice about a so-called pandemic Disease mongering – concoct, invent or create disease – attributed to advertising …
April 22, 2009
La Jornada (México)

Office spaces are breeding grounds for cold and flu germs – here’s …
If we ever experienced a global pandemic of flu, Skinner says, “social distancing would be one of the primary ways to prevent the spread of the flu. …
April 22, 2009
New York Daily News

与我国接壤的俄罗斯去年发生了大面积的流行和扩散,仅北高加索地区奥塞梯共和国八个地区中就有四个地区爆发了非洲猪瘟,病死猪1076头,3500头猪被淘汰。 生猪生产的安全关乎国计民生,2007年我国发生的猪蓝耳病疫情,是导致我国2007年、2008年生猪价格大幅上涨的重要因素。因此南京检验检疫局建议各相关部门高度重视非洲猪瘟疫情,采取有力 …
Attach great importance to African swine fever into China
Bordering Russia and China have taken place in last year’s large-scale and spread of the epidemic, just North Ossetian Republic of the Caucasus region in eight districts in four regions will have an outbreak of African swine fever,病死猪1076, 3500 pig out. Pig production, the people’s livelihood security concerns, China in 2007 occurred in the blue ear pig disease epidemic, is the result of 2007, prices of live pigs in 2008 an important factor in rising. Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Nanjing therefore recommended that the relevant departments attach great importance to African swine fever epidemic, and take effective …
April 22, 2009

Backyard fowl not really foul
The International Sustainable Agriculture organization concluded in a 2006 report: “When it comes to bird flu, diverse small-scale poultry farming is the …
April 22, 2009

China takes US chicken ban to the WTO
The countries banned each other’s chicken meat imports after the outbreak of bird flu in China in 2004. China has since lifted the ban, and now imports …
April 22, 2009
ABC Online

Egyptian child dies of bird flu, another contracts
The Egyptian Health Ministry said Tuesday that a six-year-old boy died after he was infected with bird flu virus, bringing the human cases of the fatal …
April 22, 2009
People’s Daily Online

Niño de seis años muere por gripe aviaria en Egipto
… temen que mute en una forma que la gente se contagie fácilmente entre sí, provocando una pandemia que podría causar la muerte a millones de personas. …
Child dies in six years by bird flu in Egypt
… fear mutate into a form that people can easily infect each other, causing a pandemic that could kill millions. …
April 22, 2009
La Segunda

Nuevo tipo de gripe afecta a algunos niños en EEUU
Cada algunas décadas, surge una cepa completamente nueva y puede causar una pandemia a escala global. Los funcionarios de los CDC dijeron que no creen que …
New type of influenza affecting some children in the U.S.
Every few decades, there is a completely new strain can cause a global pandemic. CDC officials said they do not believe that …
April 22, 2009
Buena Salud


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