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Rehearsal of flu pandemic set to begin

Posted by pandemicinformation on 04/20/2009

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Rehearsal of flu pandemic set to begin
A FOUR-WEEK exercise to prepare Scotland for a flu pandemic is to start next week, it was announced yesterday. The Scottish Government will be running the …
April 21, 2009


US: China challenges US poultry ban
China and the US banned each others’ poultry in 2004 after an outbreak of bird flu. But China lifted the ban after a few months and complains that …
April 21, 2009
Food Week

长接触儿童前或更换尿布、处理粪便后都要洗手;婴幼儿的奶瓶、奶嘴使用前后及时清洗干净;在手足口病流行期间,不宜带儿童到人群聚集、空气流通差的公共场所,居室要经常通风,勤晒衣被。 家庭消毒的办法是:食具、饮具煮沸消毒20分钟;毛巾、手绢煮沸20分钟消毒;生活用具、玩具、桌椅、书籍等消毒:用消毒剂擦拭或阳光下暴晒。 …
Hand, Foot and Mouth disease rash rash and other what he does not like?
Long contact with children or changing nappies, should wash their hands after handling soiled; infants and young children bottle, pacifier use before and after the wash in time; in the hand, foot and mouth disease during the epidemic, not to bring children into the crowd, poorly ventilated public places, home to keep the ventilation, ground drying clothing. Household disinfection methods are: eating utensils, drinking boiled with 20-minute disinfection; towel, handkerchief disinfection for 20 minutes to boil; life of appliances, toys, furniture, books and other disinfection: use of disinfectant wipe or sun exposure. …
April 21, 2009

Victorian diseases: Back from the dead
Flu is also cyclical, with some years worse than others, and we are still awaiting the century’s first pandemic, after three global epidemics last century …
April 21, 2009

重症化しやすい高齢者には、H5N1型をもとにしたプレパンデミック(大流行前)ワクチンより肺炎球菌ワクチンを接種してほしい。 また、流行時に特定の医療機関が一時的に感染者を診る「発熱外来」は日本だけの対策だ。休診を考える病院もある。 …
Tackle the pandemic: Mr. Chief Pediatric Sugenoya Norio = KEIYUU病院
The elderly are easy-to-severe, H5N1 type based PUREPANDEMIKKU (previous epidemic) should have received the vaccine than pneumococcal vaccine. Also evaluate a person infected with a temporary medical facilities during the epidemic, "exotic fever" is the only anti-Japan. Some consider the closed hospital. …
April 21, 2009

Avian Flu Cases in Egypt Raise Alarms
bird flu has faded from world headlines because it has not caused a pandemic. But the disease is still circulating in poultry in Egypt, Indonesia, China, …
April 21, 2009
New York Times

卫生局有关负责人介绍说,在本市外来人口儿童“五苗调查接种率”(卡介苗、脊灰疫苗、百白破疫苗、麻疹疫苗、乙肝疫苗)已从2001年的50%左右升到95%以上。这一数据已处于全国领先水平。 根据本市相关传染病流行特点和人群免疫状况,本市免疫规划范围内疫苗品种也已从8种扩大至11种,即:乙肝疫苗、卡介苗、脊灰疫苗、无细胞百白破疫苗、白破 …
Resident population of the city’s vaccination rate of children 99% of ultra –
Health Bureau of the person in charge said that the child population in the city, "Miller survey coverage rate of five" (BCG, polio vaccine, DPT vaccine, measles vaccine, hepatitis B vaccine) in 2001 from about 50% of the rise more than 95%. This data has been the leading level in the country. Prevalence of infectious diseases in accordance with the characteristics of the city related to immune status and the crowd, the city planning the scope of immunity of vaccines from eight kinds of varieties are also extended to 11 kinds, namely: hepatitis B vaccine, BCG, polio vaccines, acellular DTP vaccines, White-breaking …
April 21, 2009

pandemic Flu Exercise Proves Worthy Drill
The Interagency Continuity Influenza pandemic Tabletop Exercise was as an opportunity for federal, state, and local emergency coordinators to discuss how …
April 21, 2009
Imperial Valley News

Canada Mulling Alteration Of Flu Drug Breakdown For pandemic Stockpile
According to the agency’s data, a moderately severe pandemic would take place if there is a lack of vaccine and antiviral shorts, which could cause from …
April 21, 2009

Public forum on influenza pandemic
Phil Schneider who is co-chairing the Ethics Taskforce says an influenza pandemic would require unconventional approaches to medical treatment. …
April 21, 2009

Ban on Belgian poultry lifted
As of late last week, the World Health Organization recorded 257 human deaths out of the 418 confirmed cases of the bird flu since the highly pathogenic …
April 21, 2009
BusinessWorld Online


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