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bird flu: Potential for pandemic? …

Posted by pandemicinformation on 04/17/2009

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bird flu: Potential for pandemic?

Because whether (through) mutation or reassortment, this will lead to the pandemic strain.” In 1918, a strain of avian flu known as the Spanish Flu killed …
April 17, 2009


LCCI wants sales tax rate reduced to 12%
… vaccines and all other inputs to support the poultry industry, which is jeopardized, by sporadic threats of bird flu and other fatal diseases in birds. …
April 17, 2009

5至9月手足口病高发易发期 我省严格疫情报告
作为学生聚集地的学校,要通过健康课、学校广播等各种形式,告诫学生家长流行季节不要带儿童到人群聚集的公共场所,避免与患儿接触;纠正儿童不良卫生习惯,对儿童玩具、餐具、衣物、用品要经常消毒。 根据浙江省教育厅的规定,各级教育行政部门将对学校尤其是一些民办幼儿园、托儿所及民工子弟学校等办学条件和卫生管理水平相对较差的薄弱 …
May to September high incidence of hand, foot and mouth disease-prone province strict epidemic report period
As students gathered in the schools, through health classes, schools and other forms of radio, warning parents not to bring children season to crowded public places and avoid contact with children; correct bad health habits of children, child toys, tableware, clothing, supplies should be disinfected regularly. Office of Education in accordance with the provisions of Zhejiang Province, educational and administrative departments at all levels will be a number of private schools, especially kindergarten, nursery school and migrant workers, such as school conditions and the relatively poor level of health management of the weak …
April 17, 2009

发病人群以散居儿童和托幼儿童为主。 在手足口病报告病例略有下降的同时,麻疹和水痘报告病例较前周明显增加。麻疹上周共报告104例,较前一周上升40.54%;水痘报告517例,比前一周上升33.25%。 市卫生局表示,目前仍为呼吸道传染病高发季节,突发和多发的呼吸道传染病仍是关注重点,卫生部门将采取多项举措防止其暴发和流行。(贾晓宏)
Hand, foot and mouth disease in Beijing declined 5.08 percent
Incidence of the crowd to scattered mainly of children and childcare for children. Hand, foot and mouth disease in the reported cases declined slightly, while reported cases of measles and chicken pox a marked increase over the previous week. Measles, 104 cases were reported last week, representing a 40.54% rise the previous week; report of 517 cases of chicken pox, an increase of 33.25 percent the previous week. Municipal Health Bureau said that is still a high incidence of seasonal respiratory infections, acute respiratory and multiple infectious diseases are still major concerns, the Ministry of Health goalkeeper to take a number of initiatives to prevent the outbreak and epidemic. (贾晓宏)
April 17, 2009

在醫改近期實施方案中首次明確提出,從2009年開始為15歲以下人群補種乙肝疫苗,對於生產計劃免疫用疫苗的企業是利好。乙肝疫苗是2002年納入計劃免疫的,針對的是新生兒童,而此次意味著納入免疫計劃的人群增加了15個年齡段的人群。 2006年CDC進行的全國乙肝血清流行病學 …
Vaccine manufacturers will benefit from
Has recently been implemented in the medical program for the first time made it clear that started in 2009 from 15 years of age with hepatitis B vaccine catch-up, for the production of EPI vaccines is a good business. Hepatitis B vaccine is incorporated into the immunization program in 2002, and for the newborn child, and this means that the population included in immunization programs increased by 15 age groups. CDC’s 2006 National Seroepidemiology of hepatitis B …
April 17, 2009

HealthWatch for April 16, 2009
Statins could lower your chance of having a stroke, researchers may have a clue in fighting bird flu, and lifetime exercise may cut a woman’s risk of dying …
April 17, 2009

Don’t get spooked by the chickens
Those disease-ridden vermin should be eradicated by the city because they probably have bird flu. I think I would stare at that person too after that …
April 17, 2009
The Oviedo-Winter Springs Voice

International Mutants One-Sheet
In a world devastated by a pandemic virus that turns human beings into primitive and bloodthirsty creatures, Marco and Sonia set off to find a secret base …
April 17, 2009
Dread Central

Denise Sautters: Gorby receives NEOUCOM distinguished alumni award
He is co-director of Nebraska’s Center for Biopreparedness Education, a member of the governor’s pandemic Flu Advisory Committee and co-chairman of a …
April 17, 2009
Canton Repository

Influenza underestimated: Dr Neil
Dr Sharma says there is now enough evidence to confirm that an Influenza pandemic is a certainty, the only question that remains is when is it going to …
April 17, 2009
Fiji Broadcasting Corporation Ltd


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