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Egyptian woman hospitalized with bird flu …

Posted by pandemicinformation on 04/16/2009

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Egyptian woman hospitalized with bird flu

… experts fear that the bird flu virus may mutate into a form that could be easily transmitted from person to person, causing a global pandemic.
April 16, 2009
RIA Novosti


与我国接壤的俄罗斯去年发生了大面积的流行和扩散,仅北高加索地区奥塞梯共和国八个地区中就有四个地区爆发了非洲猪瘟,病死猪1076头,3500头猪被淘汰。 生猪生产的安全关乎国计民生,2007年我国发生的猪蓝耳病疫情,是导致我国2007年、2008年生猪价格大幅上涨的重要因素。因此南京检验检疫局建议各相关部门高度重视非洲猪瘟疫情,采取有力 …
Inspection and quarantine requirements attached great importance to African swine fever into China
Bordering Russia and China have taken place in last year’s large-scale and spread of the epidemic, just North Ossetian Republic of the Caucasus region in eight districts in four regions will have an outbreak of African swine fever,病死猪1076, 3500 pig out. Pig production, the people’s livelihood security concerns, China in 2007 occurred in the blue ear pig disease epidemic, is the result of 2007, prices of live pigs in 2008 an important factor in rising. Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Nanjing therefore recommended that the relevant departments attach great importance to African swine fever epidemic, and take effective …
April 16, 2009

Panelists will discuss flu-vaccine priorities tonight on KHNL
The issue of who should be vaccinated first in the event of an influenza pandemic will be discussed tonight during the first of three live, call-in panel …
April 16, 2009
Honolulu Advertiser

多倫多醫生季哈(Prabhat Jha)初到哈佛大學時,聞名全球的流行病學家培托爵士(Sir Richard Peto)花了1小時,讓這名28歲的未來學生了解地球上最貧窮民眾最常患的疾病,他的一生就此改變。 43歲的季哈是聖米高醫院環球衛生研究中心的明星,專長領域是「性與死」。 …
The city is committed to fighting the AIDS doctors
Toronto doctor quarter Kazakhstan (Prabhat Jha) first came to Harvard University, the well-known epidemiologists around the world培托Sir (Sir Richard Peto) took 1 hour to allow the 28-year-old students to understand the future of the poorest people on earth the most common suffering from the disease, this change in his life. 43-year-old quarter of St Michael and Kazakhstan are Global Health Research Center, Hospital of the star, the field of expertise is the "sex and death." …
April 16, 2009

Local hospital staff trains with FEMA
Hospital staff have also been trained to respond to a flu pandemic – a global flu outbreak. They are holding a drill June 18. For information about local …
April 16, 2009
Redlands Daily Facts

Taiwan-US Poultry ban.
(See Ecuador, Colombia ban Ky. poultry on bird flu fears, Meatingplace, April 8, 2009.) Taiwan informed USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service that all …
April 16, 2009
Farming UK

Machine arrives to detect bird influenza
The experts tell us that the bird flu virus, which is causing outbreaks in Asia and Europe, could mutate to cause the next worldwide influenza pandemic, …
April 16, 2009
Fiji Times

Study unlocks fresh hope in bird flu battle
Experts question how well and for how long the drug will stand up against H5N1, should it unleash a pandemic. Researchers screened 230000 compounds …
April 16, 2009
The Standard

Prenatal exposure to Hong Kong flu associated with reduced …
Oslo, Norway April 15, 2009 The Hong Kong flu pandemic was responsible for more than 700000 deaths worldwide in the late 1960s, with major disease outbreaks …
April 16, 2009
Genetic Engineering News (press release)

bird flu Contagious, Humans Becoming More Susceptible
by Jim Brogan The highly contagious avian influenza (bird flu) is reported to have wiped out 150 million chickens and killed over 70 people in parts of the …
April 16, 2009
Post Chronicle

Expertos identifican compuesto que combatiría la gripe aviaria
Debido a ello, los expertos actualmente se cuestionan cuán bien y por cuánto tiempo esa medicina defendería contra la H5N1 en caso de una pandemia. …
Experts identified a compound fight bird flu
As a result, experts are now questioning how well and how long the medicine defend against in the event of an H5N1 pandemic. …
April 16, 2009
Reuters América Latina


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