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Common soap could help tackle bird flu …

Posted by pandemicinformation on 04/15/2009

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Common soap could help tackle bird flu
ISLAMABAD: Commercially available soaps and detergents could kill the bird flu virus that causes extensive damage to poultry and can infect humans, …
April 15, 2009

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President Obama Announces More Key Administration Posts
… 2005)—which has been utilized by cities and states across the country and was the basis for some of the government’s pandemic flu planning guidance; …
April 15, 2009 (press release)

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Comments: bird flu could be more frightening
The frightening thing would be if the virus caused a pandemic if and when it became able to spread among humans, Coordinator of Surveillance and Monitoring …
April 15, 2009
Jakarta Post


红眼病是一种传染性很强的眼病,春、夏季易流行,主要是通过接触传染,其主要临床特点是双眼先后发病,眼部明显红赤、眼眵多,刺痒交作,灼热疼痛,怕光、流泪,发病突然,病势迅猛,有自愈趋势。 本病传染性极强,易造成暴发流行。因此,加强预防是防治红眼病的根本途径。眼科医生提醒,气候转暖,人们尽量不要聚集或少到公共场所,如已 …
Spring to prevent "红眼病"
红眼病is a highly infectious eye disease, in spring and summer epidemic-prone, mainly through contact, the main clinical features are his eyes have the disease, the obvious red eye red, eye gum more than pay for Prickle, burning pain,怕光, tears, a sudden onset, patient’s condition rapidly, and the trend of self-healing. The highly contagious disease, easily give rise to epidemic outbreaks. Therefore, the strengthening of prevention is the fundamental way to control红眼病. Remind ophthalmologists, climate warming, it is not possible to gather in public places or less if he has …
April 15, 2009

Arbor Vita Receives FDA Clearance Of Its AVantage(TM) A/H5N1 Flu …
Rapid, early detection of avian influenza is paramount to early treatment and containment of a deadly disease with pandemic potential, said Peter S. Lu, …
April 15, 2009
Medical News Today (press release)

Malaysia-Help for farmers.
I have seen chicken breeders and rice farmers suffering huge losses when their animals died from bird flu and paddy fields are destroyed by floods. …
April 15, 2009
Farming UK

Spit, anyone?
But understanding the infectious potential of biological drivel may be the secret to restoring national health in a pandemic. When you get on an airplane, …
April 15, 2009
Eureka! Science News

Observer happenings for the week of April 15
During an Influenza pandemic, many difficult decisions about medical care will have to be made. Some of these decisions will have a dramatic impact on the …
April 15, 2009
South Carolina Now

Im Katastrophenfall gut versorgt
So hat die WHO Richtlinien zum Management einer pandemie herausgebracht. Außerdem wurden im internationalen Bereich, innerhalb der Europäischen Union sowie …
In the event of a disaster is well cared
Thus, the WHO guidelines for the management of a pandemic was released. Furthermore, in the international field, within the European Union and …
April 15, 2009
Pharmazeutische Zeitung online


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