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Posted by pandemicinformation on 04/14/2009

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JP The bird flu virus has spread within Sungai Apit district in Siak regency, Riau, following the death of a child infected with the virus at the end of …
April 14, 2009
Farming UK

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FDA clears bird flu test

The clearance of this test represents a major step toward protecting the public from the threat of pandemic flu, he adds. According to the CDC, …
April 14, 2009
Personal Liberty Digest

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Birds in the News 167

Because whether [through] mutation or reassortment, this will lead to the pandemic strain. A Japanese study has found H5N1 bird flu antibodies in 10 of …
April 14, 2009


(中央社華盛頓13日美聯電)美國聯邦政府提醒民眾注意一個已經在全國許多地方越來越令人困擾的惡夢─床蝨(bed bug)可能爆發大流行。 床蝨是一種紅棕色小昆蟲,上一次大規模出現已是在第二次世界大戰之前,如今捲土重來。從紐約、芝加哥到華盛頓,這種小蟲已經入侵大學 …
The United States warned that the outbreak of epidemic louse-bed will be the poor who suffer most
(Central News Agency in Washington yesterday on the 13th) to remind people of the U.S. federal government’s attention has been increasing in many parts of the country disturbing nightmare ─ bed lice (bed bug) the possible outbreak of pandemic. Louse bed is a red-brown insects, the emergence of a large-scale before the Second World War is now back. From New York, Chicago to Washington, this insect has invaded the University of …
April 14, 2009
eTaiwan News

消毒是采用物理、化学、生物学手段杀灭或抑制生产环境中病原体的一项技术措施,其目的在于消灭传染源,切断传播途径,防止传染性疾病的发生与流行,是综合防疫措施中最常采用的重要措施之一。 定期对栏舍、道路,驴群进行消毒;产前对产房、临产母驴及新生驴驹脐带断端消毒;人员、车辆出入生产区时要消毒;饲料、饮水及使用的医疗器械要 …
Donkey integrated bio-security measures
Disinfection is the use of physical, chemical, biological means to kill or inhibit the production environment of a pathogen of technical measures aimed at the elimination of sources of infection, cut off the transmission, to prevent the occurrence of infectious diseases and the prevalence is the most comprehensive bio-security measures often one of the important measures adopted.栏舍regularly, roads, donkeys disinfection group; on maternity prenatal, perinatal and neonatal母驴donkey horse disinfect the umbilical cord stump; personnel, vehicles out of production areas must be disinfected; feed, water and medical devices used to .. .
April 14, 2009

橄榄煲芦根有清热生津、解毒利咽、降火除烦的功效,有助治疗感冒、流行性感冒、咽喉炎、胃热牙痛、肺热咳嗽等症。 芦根60克(中药店有售)、橄榄8个。 芦根洗净,稍浸泡。橄榄洗净,用食盐腌4小时左右。在瓦煲内加入清水1250毫升(约5碗量),并下芦根、咸橄榄,煮沸后改为中火煲至500—600毫升(约2碗到2碗半),宜趁热进饮。 …
Help to combat a cold soup ingredients of Chinese medicine theory with significant civil society
There reed rhizome burning olive Qingre Sheng Jin, Jiedu LiYan, Reduce Pathogenic Fire除烦effectiveness, will help the treatment of colds, influenza, pharyngitis,胃热toothache, cough等症Hyperactivity. Reed rhizome 60 grams (on sale in drug stores), Olive 8. Wash the root, a little water. Wash olives, pickled with salt for about four hours.瓦煲to join in 1250 milliliters of water (volume of about 5 bowls), and under the root, salty olives, boiled in a fire burning later renamed to 500-600 ml (about 2 to 2 bowls a half a bowl), should be soon Drinking. …
April 14, 2009

国民はとにかく最も効果的な対策である自宅待機をしてほしい。 医療が進歩した現代でも感染症の世界的大流行(パンデミック)がもたらす脅威は変わらない。新型インフルエンザなど、人類にとって未知のウイルスに挑む人々を紹介する。【聞き手・関東晋慈、写真は河岡教授 …
Tackle the pandemic: Mr. Yoshihiro Kawaoka = Center for International Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, Tokyo Medical University
We’d like to see people waiting at home is the most effective anyway. Epidemic infectious diseases in the world of modern medical advances (pandemic) threat posed by the change. Such as avian flu, the virus challenge and to introduce an unknown to mankind. By Susumu Kantou慈listener, Professor Kawaoka picture …
April 14, 2009

US approves rapid avian flu test
Based on past pandemics the world is now closer to another influenza pandemic than at any time since 1968, when the last of the previous century’s three …
April 14, 2009
Spero News

Ondjiva acolhe seminário de prevenção e combate do Vih/Sida
… segunda-feira, um seminário sobre Medidas de prevenção e combate do Vih/Sida, com vista a formar activistas na luta contra a pandemia. …
Ondjiva hosts seminar on prevention and combating of HIV / AIDS
… Monday, a workshop on measures to prevent and combat HIV / AIDS, to train activists in the fight against the pandemic. …,93c6dd87-975d-484a-9181-08dac4faa435.html
April 14, 2009

Uso de antibiótico em frango gera risco
… como a automedicação, as prescrições incorretas eo declínio nas pesquisas de novos remédios do tipo, estão causando uma pandemia de resistência às drogas.
Use of antibiotics in chicken generates risk
… as the self, with the incorrect and the decline in searches for new types of drugs, are causing a pandemic of resistance to drugs.,0.php
April 13, 2009


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