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2 vaccines can stop new flu from becoming serious

Posted by pandemicinformation on 04/07/2009

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2 vaccines can stop new flu from becoming serious
… the discovery after conducting clinical tests on three types of pre-pandemic vaccines that it has made from the highly-virulent bird flu virus H5N1. …
April 7, 2009
Mainichi Daily News

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新型インフルエンザの大流行前(プレパンデミック)ワクチンの効果を調べている厚生労働省の研究班(主任研究者=庵原俊昭・国立病院機構三重病院長)は6日、有効性を認める結論をまとめた。 「事前接種しておけば、ウイルスへの抵抗力がつくまでの期間を大幅に短縮 …

Previous outbreaks of INFURU effective new vaccine, vaccination prior two times
Previous outbreaks of avian flu (PUREPANDEMIKKU) research group of the Ministry of Health are investigating the effect of the vaccine (chief scientist = length triple Hospital, National Hospital Organization Iohara Toshiaki) on October 6, summarizes the conclusions acknowledge the validity. "If you pre-vaccination, significantly shortened the time until the resistance to the virus …
April 7, 2009

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WHO launches campaign to prepare hospitals for emergencies
… by the WHO to ensure hospital safety, including a legal framework and organisational structure for epidemic and pandemic response (EPR) at all levels, …
April 7, 2009
Delhi Newsline Bac Lieu free of bird flu

Bac Lieu Province People’s Committee has announced the end of an avian flu outbreak that began more than a month ago. The Mekong Delta province’s Animal …
April 7, 2009
Thanh Nien Daily


景気対策75兆円の中で69億円の対策費が計上されている「新型インフルエンザ対策」ですが、ミサイル問題に肺結核とパンデミックの演習のようなリスク(事件・事故)が発生しています。 昨日から芸能人の肺結核のニュースが報道されていますが、東京都の対策窓口には100件 …

Of avian flu, "estimated the death toll up to 64 million people" about the effects of
75 economic measures in a 69 trillion yen has been earmarked a billion yen in expenses for "a new flu", but risks such as pulmonary tuberculosis and pandemic exercises and missile issues (accidents) has occurred. Have been reported for pulmonary tuberculosis in the celebrity news from yesterday, the Tokyo office of the anti-100 …
April 7, 2009

インフルエンザでも端末認証型テレワークシステムで事業承継 – NTTアイティ
また、同製品の保守契約を締結している企業には、厚生労働省による新型インフルエンザのパンデミックフェーズの警戒レベルが5B、6Bになった場合に全社員数分の期間限定アカウントが無償で提供される。 同製品は単体では販売されず、同社のシステム製品、または提携企業の …

Business Succession terminal authentication in a flu-TEREWAKUSHISUTEMU – NTT AITI
In addition, the company has signed a contract for maintenance of the product, the alert level by the ministry of avian flu PANDEMIKKUFEZU 5B, 6B account that is provided at no charge only a few periods when the employees. The product alone will not be sold, the company’s system products, or partners …
April 7, 2009

解説:新型インフル・大流行前ワクチン 時期と範囲、焦点
新型インフルエンザ発生に備え、強毒性鳥インフルエンザウイルス(H5N1型)をもとに製造したプレパンデミック(大流行前)ワクチン。厚生労働省研究班の臨床研究で接種方法によっては予防効果が期待できるとのデータが得られたことで、今後は実際の接種をいつから、 …

Description: The scope and pandemic vaccine before INFURU new focus
Preparing for pandemic bird flu viruses toxicity strength (H5N1 type) PUREPANDEMIKKU produced under the (previous pandemic) vaccine. The inoculation method in the clinical research unit in the Ministry of Health to study the data obtained from the experience of preventive vaccination in the future when the actual …
April 7, 2009

Editor’s Note: CIDRAP’s Promising Practices: pandemic Influenza Preparedness Tools ( online database showcases peer-reviewed …
April 7, 2009

Profit drives drug misuse in Asia
Oseltamivir is also recommended as a first line of defense against the H5N1 bird flu virus in case it triggers a flu pandemic and experts are now …
April 7, 2009
The Province

10 raccoons discovered with bird flu antibodies
UTSUNOMIYA–Ten wild raccoons have been found with signs of previous H5N1 bird flu infections, according to a joint study by Tokyo University and Yamaguchi … April 7, 2009
The Daily Yomiuri

Plano de contingência para pandemia de gripe
O arranque da segunda fase do Plano de Contingência dos Açores para a pandemia da Gripe, que consiste na sua operacionalização, foi assinalado esta …

Plan de contingência for pandemia de gripe
The start of the second phase of the Azores Contingency Plan for Pandemic Influenza of which is its operation, it was noted that …
April 7, 2009

Health workers on trial for vaccine scam in Poland
WARSAW (AFP) — Nine health workers went on trial in northern Poland Monday accused of having tested a vaccine against bird flu on nearly 200 patients …
April 7, 2009

Regional News File
Experts are predicting huge loss of 3 million human dead and economic loss in the event of future bird flu flare up. Avian flu is an animal disease of …
April 7, 2009

DelSite to liquidate; Cell Therapeutics raises $6.5 million;
After failing at raising new money to mount a clinical trial on its bird flu therapy, Irving, TX-based DelSite filed plans last week to liquidate the …
April 7, 2009

(Zusammenfassung) Gesundheitsministerium sieht Land für …
Sollte es zu einer pandemie kommen, stünden für 20 Prozent der Thüringer antivirale Mittel zur Verfügung, deren Bereitstellung durch Ärzte und Apotheken …

(Summary) Health Department provides land for …
Should there be a pandemic, would be for 20 percent of the Thuringian antiviral agents available, their provision by doctors and pharmacies …
April 7, 2009
Ad-Hoc-News (Pressemitteilung)

Formation sur la prévention de la grippe aviaire hautement …
… et à se préparer à une possible pandémie de grippe humaine dans le contexte de l’initiative «Une Meilleure formation pour des aliments plus sains». …

Training on prevention of avian influenza …
… and prepare for a possible human influenza pandemic in the context of the initiative "Better Training for Safer Food. …
April 6, 2009
Ya Watani

Resistant flu bugs doctors
Tamiflu still is effective against bird flu in most cases, though some variants show signs of reduced sensitivity, says Frederick Hayden of the Infectious …
April 6, 2009
Visalia Times-Delta

pandemic peril
… span,” said Dowell, who added that the greatest concern for a pandemic is still H5N1, the strain known as bird flu, which has been present since 2004. … April 6, 2009

Remaining BC bird flu quarantines lifted
Canada would also get to keep its OIE status as free of highly pathogenic (high-path) bird flu, which it regained in April 2008 after cleanup of an …
April 6, 2009
Alberta Express

Medo de pandemia da gripe aviária ajudou hospitais a prepararem-se …
O receio de uma pandemia de gripe aviária nos humanos levou muitos hospitais portugueses a elaborarem planos de emergência, estando hoje muito mais …

Fear of a pandemic of avian influenza helped hospitals to prepare …
The fear of a pandemic of avian influenza in humans has led many hospitals to develop Portuguese plans, are now much more …
April 6, 2009

Health chiefs preparing for flu pandemic that could kill 12000 in …
A pandemic could also happen if the bird flu virus, usually fatal to humans, develops the ability to more easily pass from person to person. …
April 6, 2009
Derby Evening Telegraph


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