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Pandemic Influenza Information in the world.

Survey of vaccine contamination by avian influenza viruses at Baxter International

Posted by pandemicinformation on 03/24/2009

This blog using web news aggregating service called "news!eye".
I have monitoring, clipping and analysis about Pandemic Influenza Information everyday.

<Today’s special>
Enquête sur une contamination de vaccins par le virus de la grippe …
H2N2, le virus à l’origine de la pandémie de 1957, n’était plus en circulation depuis 1968 et est considéré comme le principal candidat à l’origine de la …

Investigation into contamination of vaccines by the flu virus …
H2N2, the virus causing the pandemic of 1957 was no longer in circulation since 1968 and is considered the main candidate for the origin of the …
March 23, 2009


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