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Pandemic Flu Products to Get Special Regulatory Treatment

Posted by pandemicinformation on 03/17/2009

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<Today’s special>
Pandemic Flu Products to Get Special Regulatory Treatment
Sponsors of experimental drugs and vaccines for pandemic influenza should be prepared for special attention from the FDA and the European Medicines Agency …
March 18, 2009
FDA news (subscription)

<Pandemic Influenza Information Mar 18, 2009>

New Strain of Bird Flu Poses Threat
The third species, influenza A virus, primarily affects birds and is also known as bird flu. Among hundreds of strains of influenza A, the World Health …
March 18, 2009

Medicago forms new Scientific Advisory Council with highly …
Medicago is developing VLP vaccines to protect against H5N1 pandemic influenza, using a transient expression system which produces recombinant vaccine …
March 17, 2009
Canada NewsWire (press release)


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