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Special Protein Boosts T-Cell Production

Posted by pandemicinformation on 03/13/2009

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<Today’s special>
Special Protein Boosts T-Cell Production for More Powerful Vaccine
Stephen Turner has been working on ways to make flu vaccines more effective – with an eye to creating a better way to stop a possible pandemic of avian …
March 13, 2009
Voice of America

<Pandemic Influenza Information Mar 13, 2009>

pandemie-Vorsorge nicht in Gefahr
Für die Bekämpfung einer möglichen pandemie sind die beiden Wirkstoffe immer noch ohne Alternative: Resistenzen gegen Oseltamivir sind für H5N1 nach Angaben …
Pandemic preparedness is not in danger
To combat a possible pandemic, the two agents are still without alternative: resistance to oseltamivir for H5N1, according to …
March 13, 2009

Vaccines infected with deadly avian flu virus
Had the contamination not been detected, the vaccines may have started an avian flu pandemic, killing hundreds of thousands of people. …
March 12, 2009
What Doctors Don’t Tell You

Volunteer presents extensive credentials for emergency management …
Even though Franklin Park is unlikely to experience a catastrophe, Dr. Stein is convinced that some type of pandemic influenza outbreak will occur in the …
March 12, 2009
Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Registado novo caso de gripe aviária
… a mudar para uma forma facilmente transmissível duma pessoa para outra, o que provocaria uma pandemia susceptível de dizimar vários milhões de pessoas.

Registered new cases of avian influenza
… to change into a form easily transmissible one person to another, causing a pandemic which could decimate several million people.,1a1d57db-aa17-4676-b356-12d701b21bf7.html
March 12, 2009

Source: Former NYC health commissioner tapped for FDA
… secretary during the Clinton administration and helped lay the groundwork for much of the government’s bioterrorism preparations and pandemic flu planning.
March 12, 2009
San Jose Mercury News

Transat promet de jouer conservateur pour retrouver la rentabilité
Transat a envisagé diverses crises, qu’elles soient économiques ou de santé (par exemple une pandémie de grippe aviaire). On a des plans où si demain matin …
Transat Conservative promises to play to regain profitability
Transat has considered various crises, whether economic or health (eg avian influenza). We have plans or if tomorrow morning …
March 11, 2009
La Presse Canadienne

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Awards $12 Million to …
… countermeasures quickly enough to be effective against rapidly emerging biological threat agents, such as pandemic flu and anthrax biological weapons. …–/de/Unternehmensnachrichten/20100156
March 11, 2009
Ad-Hoc-News (Pressemitteilung)

RWJF Launches $19 Million Public Health Law Research Program
New threats like bio-terrorism, pandemic flu, chronic diseases, hurricanes and breakdowns in food safety will raise legal challenges and potential solutions …
March 12, 2009
Medical News Today (press release)


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