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In Hong Kong bird flu virus

Posted by pandemicinformation on 03/13/2009

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<Today’s special>
HK bird tests positive for H5N1
Most had close contact with sick birds, but scientists fear the virus could mutate into a form that would spread rapidly among humans, causing a pandemic. …
March 13, 2009
Straits Times

Mediziner in Hongkong befürchten Vogelgrippegefahr nach Fund von …
Die Mediziner befürchten jedoch eine hohe Mutationsfähigkeit des Virus, die zur Übertragung der Krankheit von Mensch zu Mensch führen und eine pandemie …

Doctors in Hong Kong bird flu fears after discovery of danger …
The doctors feared, however, a high ability of the mutant virus that is designed to transfer the disease from person to person and lead a pandemic …
March 13, 2009
RIA Novosti

El ave encontrada muerta hace poco en Hong Kong estuvo infectada …
… pero los médicos advierten sobre su alta capacidad de mutación, la que puede redundar en contagio de ser humano a ser humano y provocar una pandemia. …

The birds found dead recently in Hong Kong was infected …
… but doctors warn about its high capacity of mutation, which can result in infection of humans and cause a human pandemic. …
March 13, 2009
RIA Novosti


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