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Sanofi will invest EUR 100 million in Mexico to build a factory …

Posted by pandemicinformation on 03/10/2009

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<Today’s special>
Sanofi va investir 100 M EUR au Mexique pour construire une usine …
L’usine pourra également produire des vaccins contre la grippe pandémique, dans l’éventualité où une telle pandémie serait déclarée, précise le communiqué. …

Sanofi will invest EUR 100 million in Mexico to build a factory …
The plant will also produce vaccines against pandemic influenza, if such a pandemic is declared, said the press release. …
March 10, 2009

Pandemic Influenza Information Mar 9, 2009

pandémie grippale : vers des choix cornéliens…
En cas de pandémie grippale, quelles sont les populations auxquelles devront être réservés en priorité le vaccin ou le traitement prophylactiques …

Pandemic influenza: towards choices …
Pandemic influenza, what are the populations that should be reserved as a priority vaccine or prophylactic treatment …
March 10, 2009
Destination Sant&eacute;

Crise sanitaire simulée pagaille avérée
… étudier leurs réactions dans un contexte de crise sanitaire éventuellement due à une pandémie de grippe aviaire – dans un supermarché de Grigny (Rhône). ..

Health crisis proved to be Simulated mess
… study their reactions in a context of a health crisis due to a possible pandemic of avian flu – in a supermarket Grigny (Rhône). …
March 10, 2009
Bien Public

FLX system used for sequencing avian influenzas
The highly pathogenic avian influenza A virus (HPAIV) of subtype H5N1 has caused global concern as a potential pandemic threat, killing millions of poultry …
March 10, 2009
Laboratory Talk

Quand un supermarché se grippe
Durant 48 heures, son magasin a été le théâtre d’une simulation de pandémie de grippe aviaire organisée par l’Agence nationale pour l’amélioration des …

When a supermarket flu
During 48 hours, his store was the scene of a simulation of pandemic avian influenza organized by the Agence nationale pour l’amélioration des …
March 10, 2009

Red Cross Chapter receives gift for fire assistance efforts
In addition, he said the fire departments have a mutual aid agreement and have enhanced their pandemic flu agreement to provide enhanced assistance. …
March 10, 2009
Daily Journal

Organisations to benchmark their crisis resilience
… as loss of power or data corruption, public health issues like pandemic influenza or a natural hazard event like a volcanic eruption or severe weather. …
March 10, 2009 (press release)

Grippe aviaire : exercice grandeur nature
Objectif : cerner le comportement de la population en cas de pandémie de grippe aviaire. Le scénario est simple : 8h30, le magasin n’est pas encore ouvert, …

Avian influenza: full scale exercise
Objective: Identify the behavior of the population in the event of a pandemic of avian flu. The scenario is simple: 8:30 am, the store is not yet open, …–exercice-grandeur-nature/article.jsp?id=ri2_884948&cid=awl_787239
March 10, 2009

Medien verschlafen Vogelgrippe H5N1 Laborkontamination in Deutschland
Immerhin zählt H5N1 zu den möglichen Komponenten des kommenden pandemie-Supererregers. Was noch gravierender ist: Es ist passiert, und ausgerechnet der …

Media sleepy laboratory contamination H5N1 bird flu in Germany
After all, one of H5N1 with the potential components of the next pandemic super agent. What is even more serious: It is happening, and specifically the …
March 10, 2009 (Abonnement)

Les entreprises pharmaceutiques tentent-elles le diable ?
Une pandémie de grippe humaine en 2009 ? Suite à l’extension géographique du virus H5N1 à partir de l’Asie, le risque d’une pandémie humaine de grippe …

Pharmaceutical companies are trying it the devil?
A human influenza pandemic in 2009? Following the geographic spread of H5N1 from Asia, the risk of human pandemic influenza …
March 10, 2009

Pandemic Planning for Business Continuity
New York, March 9,2009 – The Pandemic Flu of 1918 spread to every country in the world and killed over 40 million people. The Asian Flu of 1957-58 killed …
March 10, 2009
WebWire (press release) : Bulletin OFSP 11/09
Maladies transmissibles Déclarations des maladies infectieuses Statistique Sentinella Actualisation du Plan suisse de pandémie Influenza Epi-notice: …

<EN> Bulletin FOPH 11/09
Diseases Statements Statistics of infectious diseases Sentinella Swiss Update Plan Pandemic Influenza Epi-reference: …
March 9, 2009

Discovery may boost bird flu vaccine potency
Boosting T-cell immunity may be one way to improve existing vaccines so that they can protect people during a bird flu pandemic, says an Australian study. …
March 9, 2009
Tehran Times

H5N1 out of control: Labs under bioterrorist and pandemic threat
Such statistics are considered important as pandemic avian influenza could be on its way to conquer the world – and a mixture between avian and human …
March 9, 2009 (Abonnement)

Nueva vacuna de posible eficacia en una pandemia de influenza aviar
Científicos de la Universidad de Melbourne (Australia) han descubierto una vacuna que podría proteger a las personas de una pandemia de influenza aviar. …

New vaccine effectiveness during a pandemic of avian influenza
Scientists at the University of Melbourne (Australia) have discovered a vaccine that could protect people from a pandemic of avian influenza. …
March 9, 2009


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